Confession to ex wife

I got together with my ex wife after years of us being separated. While we talked I admitted to her that I cross dressed and had taken some of her clothes and still wear them. She asked if I would bring some next weekend and show her, I said I would if she wanted me to.
I arrived the next Friday and told her I would be dressed when she got home. I shaved my body and dressed in my garter and stockings, with a matching bra and panties. I put my C cup breast on and my short dress and heels and blonde wig. I greeted her at her door when she came home. She had me walk around and model for her then said I needed makeup. She sat me down and applied makeup on me, and she did a great job.
She asked if I ever went out while dressed, I said not in a long time. She asked what I did when dressed, if I was gay or just bisexual. I said I loved women and the female body but I have enjoyed pleasing men before. I told her I have sucked dicks and let men fuck my ass.
I told her about using dildos and going to places with glory holes and giving blow jobs.
She told me she knew where one was and asked if I would let her take me there so she could watch me sucking a dick. I agreed.
She took me to an adult toy store. She led me around the store asking about the toys. Finding out about what I have used and what I liked. She commented on a guy that was kind of following us, asking if I would suck him if I got the chance. I said I would if she really wanted to see me do it. We continued shopping and she found a strap on dildo and asked if I would let her use it on me. It was about 8 inches long and thick, I eagerly agreed. We bought the toy with some lubricant.
She led me to some video booths and led me inside. We entered one with a glory hole and she had me remove my panties. We were putting the dildo on her when she pointed out the guy watching us.
After we adjusted the dildo harness I turned around to see the guy stick his dick through the hole. My ex wife guided my head to his dick. She told me how excited it was making her watching me sucking dick, how she wanted to know if I would swallow his cum like she swallowed mine. She started rubbing the dildo against my ass. Pushing it into me then pulling it out. More lube then pushing it back in me deeper. Then she started shoving the dildo head in and out of me quickly. In and out while I sucked on the guys dick.
She wanted me to show her how big his dick was so she would know what I was enjoying. His dick was longer than the dildo and just as thick. She asked if I had ever had two big dicks at the same time before, telling me she was going to make me swallow his dick as she shoved her dildo completely in my ass.
She would push my face against the wall with her dildo up my ass making me swallow as much cock as he had through the hole. Then to my surprise she asked the guy to join us so she could see me taking all of his dick.
He entered our booth with his pants open and his dick still out. My ex wife got down and swallowed his dick for me to see, then stood up and said she wanted to know what I was going to feel as it went down my throat. Then she shoved her dildo in my ass again.
I either had my mouth full of dick or my ass full of dildo. I found myself rocking back and forth taking everything I could get until I felt his dick start shooting his cum in my mouth. I swallowed every bit of his cum and sucked him until he couldn’t take it any longer and he pulled his limp dick out of my mouth. My ex wife was still roughly pounding her dildo in my ass telling me how much she enjoyed watching me swallow his dick and cum.
She pulled out of me and had me eat her wet pussy. She had me eat her until another dick stuck through the hole. This dick wasn’t as big as the first one. She got down and started licking it, having me licking it too. She sucked it hard then invited him to come join us. She let this guy fuck her, and she enjoyed him pounding away at her pussy. I watched as he buried his dick in her and he filled her with his cum. As he left she guided my mouth to her dripping pussy and had me lick her until she had another orgasm and I got every drop of his cum out of her.
When we got to her house she sucked my dick hard then rode me until I came inside of her. She had me eat her again until she had another orgasm. She said we would have to try something else for Saturday night. She wanted to know just how many men I could take. How many dicks could I suck, and how many cocks I could take in my ass before their cum started leaking out of me. I look forward to finding the answer.


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  • She surprised me because I expected her to tell me to leave. I thought she had suspected something like me cross dressing because of the type of clothes ( garter belts, panties, bras, shoes, dresses), and the amount of clothes I took.

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