Fun with older brother and his friends.

When I was 8, my older brother was 12 (this was in 1962). He belonged to a "club" that I wanted to be in also. There were 5 or 6 of the neighborhood boys in this club and he told them I wanted to join. The oldest boy (apparently the leader) was 14 and said I had to do things for them if I wanted to join. They had built a small clubhouse hidden in the trees behind one of the houses in the neighborhood. We would all get naked and they would have me stroke their cocks and eventually had me sucking them as well. I was very happy with this arrangement and enjoyed the things I did for them. When I was 10, the oldest boy (then 16) decided it was time to start fucking me. He had me lay on my stomach and he tried to stick his dick in me. It hurt and I am sure there was no actual penetration but he did cum while he his dick was between my butt cheeks. It felt warm and wet but I liked it. The next boy was lucky since I had cum on my ass to work as lubricant. He was able to get his dick in me and again, it hurt for a while but the pain did go away. They each took turns fucking me including my brother. This went on for several years until they were drafted or got married. I got caught at home sucking my brother's cock a couple of times (once by my mom who said I should not be doing that and then by another brother who had me suck his cock too) and even got caught sucking him at the drive-in theater. I have never felt that I was abused because I really enjoyed the things we did.

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  • Had the same experience with a group of boys where I grew up. Like you I didn`t mind and started to enjoy after a few days and would be waiting for them to get there some days.
    Jacking them off and later sucking their dicks and eventually made to swallow their cum which took some getting used to. My dick was always very hard when they had me do all this with them so I must have been enjoying it.
    Then came the day they thought I needed to be fucked in the ass. Like you the first one tried but came before he got his dick in my tight young ass. The second on hurt quite a bit but with the cum on my ass his dick went in pretty easy and he fucked me while I screamed and cried because it hurt. He came in my ass and they gave me a break then the next one fucked me then the next one then the next one until all 6 of them had taken a turn on my ass and came in me. I had to clean up and stay there awhile letting their cum drain out of my ass and I didn`t go back there for a week or so but found myself wanting to get fucked again and the second time letting them fuck me was better so I went back all the time for a couple of years to get all the dick they wanted to give me. It felt good and I liked it and wished it had never stopped.

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    Hands from behind

    Ive started masturbating way back fifth grade but never had an orgasm till i was 16 i knew how to put my fingers inside my vulva but it feels so great to play with my clitoris, i do it from my back i put my hands to my but and kind of titled my body sideways to reach my pussy. my fave is to put my middle finger to my clit and first i poke it slowly then faster and faster i really feels good if im soaking wet already i do it in circular motion i grind while doing it and when i can feel it throbbing i go fast from rubbing it side to side then i could feel my body convulsing and it is such a great orgasm, the problem is yes im fantasizing a big and wide cock while doing it and rubbing it to me but i cant get enough of thinking about big boobs super big boobs round, perky, pink i wanna suck it and give pleasure so much to that kind of body but i also love cock im such a slut i know but if youre reading this girl please comment if youve tried this position in masturbating or if ever thought about big round fuckin boobs. Please share your daily routine of masturbation too! I love to try it.

    PS cant wait for somebody to fuck me real hard that will get my pussy swollen , surely i will call him daddy.

  • Thats bad. They shouldnt have done that

  • I agree that nobody should be forced to do anything they are not comfortable with. But like many others on here, I absolutely loved the experience of being used by other boys for their sexual pleasure.

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