Cheated countless times on him

I’m 25f married to an army guy. We have no kids and I really want them. He stopped paying attention to me along time ago for his Xbox. Well I had enough of that and I was going to get the attention I wanted. It started out by me sucking his friends cock in my bathroom. We hooked up fully the next day during lunch. I then started fucking a lot of his friends which most were much bigger than him. I started getting into the cheating so bad that I started getting drunk during the day and fuck random guys from tinder. At some point I lost count of the amount of guys I hooked up with but I know it was over 60 in a year. There’s been plenty of times when I had guys just outside our house fuck me in there cars and I walked back inside. I had guys cum in me and cum in my mouth. I hated him so much that I would purposely make out with him when I just swallowed. My favorite part of this was I constantly fucked his friends in our house and he never knew. Eventually someone told him and I got kicked off the base and divorced. I’m so happy I did it and don’t regret a single thing I did.

Jul 17
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    • I agree this is total fiction. Spent 23 years in. I've seen a lot of swinging type marriages, relationships.
      Funny they mostly get divorced on stuff like money or they don't like moving.

    • This story is obviously fake. Still, as a young airmen all of us guys would share girls and some even shared their wives. I must have had sex with 4 or 5 wives from guys who offered them up.

    • Fiction by a young airman, probably married

    • Fuck self respect. Cumdumpster

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