Sick of my husband

Any women out there who are fed up of making the first move on their husbands all the time? I have a high sex drive and he's happy with once a week, it's like I gotta beg for it but always get rejected until his chosen day. I feel like I should stop trying to make a move because the knockbacks are humiliating

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  • I am married for 15 years and sex is a rare act as my husband is too busy
    and comes home late. Some time back I had to attend an Official Tour
    some 3000 Kms away from my workplace. Another lady co-worker also
    accompanied alongwith our Boss. Back at hotel in the evening, my Boss told me that you are in charge of the foreign representative (a handsome man of 6.5 feet height and well behaved named Harry) and as per protocol must attend to his proper stay and secretarial assistance. Well, after dinner I was told by my Boss that some work is to be completed, as such report to Harry for
    assistance. Without suspecting anything I knocked and entered his Room
    and after some formal talks Harry simply told me are you ready for Sex. I was too submissive that I could not resist. As I was deprived off sex for too long without thinking anything the next moment it was in my mouth and felt too big for my mouth. He slightly deep throat thrusting his big dick, kissed my body all over and gave me a good pussy lick I had to make much hissing sound and came two three times.

    Finally he penetrated his throbbing cock into my pussy and commented that
    it was tight and juicy, to which I thanked him. Just then the room bell rang and to my surprise Harry returned back accompanied by my Boss and lady co-worker. I felt too embarrassed. My Boss told do not worry, we are here for enjoyment and started to undress. My lady co-worker also started to undress. For the first time I was my Boss's Cock, which was not so thick as Harry, but length wise it OK. I have never seen another erect Cock other than my husbands. My Boss immediately started to fuck me with Harry's cum inside me and commented that his cum is more lubricator. My co-worker was happily fucked by Harry and we had a foursome fuck by turn. After some time we all departed to our rooms.

  • Long time ago I found sleeping with married women was a lot quicker than a dating a girl for a month. It they're at a club without their husband they're game to get laid. I accidentally mistook a married lady for my FWB gal in a dark club, 'Lady, PBR for blowjob?" -- She goes OMG -- not even a mixed drink. She goes on to tell me she fantasized about a good looking stranger asking for sex.
    After that Manhattan i bought she goes "still want that blowjob, buddy?"
    I had a year long once or twice a month affair with her. She said it never entered her mind to cheat until 'i just loved that pickup line so much, PBR for a blowjob"

  • Tell hubby if he doesn't do you , you will find someone who will. Watch the look on his face when he hears that.

  • That actually would work very well. It's very direct.

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  • Well, I'm having a hard time here. I make a move and she isn't interested and then later that day, out of curiosity, I check to see if she used her d.i.ldo and it is in a different location in her underwear drawer. I leave for work early and I assume that's when her "boyfriend" comes over (from the drawer to the bed) and she has a good time.

  • Break it and put it back in the draw!

  • You need to use the power of your pussy to get what you want.If he can't meet your needs find someone who will.Tell him don't tell him your choice.I was getting lots of dick before he found out.He began calling me all names under the sun so I said divorce and he was soon begging me not to.I even made him my cuck.

  • I feel ya honey. My hubby is such a lousy fuck I don't know why I stay with him. I am so horny and need a good hard fuck from a man with a really nice sized cock and soon. I am committed to this relationship but I have the desire to be made love to the way a woman should be. I give him hints about maybe trying some of the supplements shown on TV but he just disregards it. I need a stiff hard dick now.

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  • Well I'm sure you can find any gay guy to fuck you in the ass. Just remind him to play with your little penis while he's fucking you in the ass.

  • I hate to be a dick about this, but why do you stay with him? I understand about being tired at the end of the day, I am in my 50s and work long hours, but if my gf (and previously my ex-wife) even remotely hints that she might be ready for some bedroom fun, I am ready to go. Occasionally I am too tired and can't get completely hard, but on those occasions I make sure we have an especially long oral session.

    My point is, we all know there is more to a relationship than sex, and that while every relationship has it's up and downs, and periods when one partner or the other is ill, and sex or intimacy just isn't going to happen, the vast majority of the time, in my opinion there is no excuse for denying, a partner sex.

    Before I met my current GF, I had a series of GFs, with most of whom the breakup was caused by their low sex drive and reluctance/refusal to in the slightest way inconvenience themselves for thke of intimacy, unless they were totally in the mood.

    I just don't see remaining with someone who is so selfish that they can't accommodate a partner's reasonable requests for sex.

    Or if leaving isn't an option come to an agreement that the higher sex drive partner can get relief from another person.

  • Well he's great with everything else, great husband, great father... I always say to him this is why people and up cheating. We are both in 36, so to me we are in our prime. I've never rejected him even when I've been ill. But he will reject me twice or 3 times a week and has for many years. It's upsetting me, I don't want to cheat, but I also don't want sex once a week on the same day forever. I think it's so lazy, I mean is settle for a 10 minute quickie if I can grab it, but it never happens. I could suggest it, then when it's nearing bed time, the yawns will start. Or his back will hurt, or he feels dizzy. It's unreal, it's like having a wife. I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this.

  • He’s gay....

  • My first serious girlfriend was a fucking nymphomaniac. She would fuck anytime, anyplace, anyway. We fucked at least once a day, most times 2 or 3 times a day. I remember this one day, she woke me up by sucking my dick, we fucked and got up to eat breakfast. We fucked again in the kitchen while making breakfast. Then we went to Walmart to shop for groceries. While we were there, we snuck into the single bathroom, locked the door and fucked again. This is number 3 for thos not counting.

    Then we got home with the groceries and before we got them put away we fucked again (count 4) on the kitchen counter. Then I went outside to mow, we have a small yard, so 15 minutes later I was in the garage putting the mower away when my girlfriend came in and we fucked again (5). Afterwards she went to pot some plants and I started working on my bike changing the oil. When I finished I was dirty and so was she. We looked at eachother and fucked again (6) on the bike. By this time I was feeling pretty drained.

    Later that day we decided to fix dinner and while we were cooking again we got hot and fucked (7) on the kitchen table. We finished dinner and went back outside to enjoy the nice evening. We were drinking and my girlfriend came back with another beer. I pulled her into my lap and we started kissing, yep we fucked (8) outside on the deck. Then we went in around 10pm and I started watching TV. A pretty dirty show came on and here we are making out again, which ended in sex again (9). Later after we went to bed, I fell asleep and was woken up a short time later by my girlfriend sucking my dick again. We fucked again to make the final count for the day, 10 times. I pissed fire the next morning. Good thing I was 20 when that happened. I'd probably die if I did that today.

  • Your husband is just like my wife. She has almost 0 interest in sex. She barely bathed now and won’t be intimate unless she’s freshly bathed.

  • Exactly like my wife

  • My wife would probably say the same thing. The truth is I hate fucking my wife. She lazy in bed, she just lays there like I’m supposed to do everything. It’s work to fuck her and it is not even rewarding. She’s always complaining and then when I’m ready to cum she tells me “not in me”. Yeah I know. It’s the same every time I get it! Plus I wouldn’t want to get any on your favorite sweatpants.

    And I feel guilty because my gf is an amazing fuck! It’s never the same experience twice.

    Before anyone jumps down my throat my wife is controlling, manipulative and she has sucked the soul out of me a long time ago. We have kids so staying for them. My gf is amazing and understanding.

  • I don't blame you, I really don't want to do it, but sex 4 times a month for God's sake... I don't know how much longer I can take it. But the rejection is the worse. I want a man who's just going to grope or grab me whenever he wants, even if I'm cooking dinner, I want him to fuck me over the table. But No, I'll have to wait until he's ready.

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  • Call me!

  • Lots of guys in this situation too. That's what happens when you pick a partner with a lower sex drive than you. The one saying no always has the power.

  • Oh my wife had a HUGE sex drive. I mean outrageous! Then she met me and wanted to settle down.

    I didn’t learn about her previous sex drive until 3 months after we got married. Woman took advantage of my kindness. The part that makes me absolutely insane is she doesn’t even know what she did to me. When I tell her she tells me to “get over it”!! Fucking women! They don’t care about anyone but themselves.

    If there are any women out there that take care of themselves and know how to treat a partner, CALL ME!!!

    Now it’s porn and jerking off!

  • We've rowed about it loads of times, it's makes me so angry.

  • I felt that way about my x. I always felt like I had to initiate sex.

  • Has it always been like this? Did something in the relationship change? Or anything about either of you change?

  • No, we've been married 12 years, hes a builder and he's up at 5 am, so always tired. He says on weekends he can relax and not have to worry about getting up early. When we do have it it's absolutely fantastic, but where I want it more, he'll be satisfied and happy to wait a week.

  • Really? Must just be some men. I on the other hand am a husband of 20 years. I would have sex with my wife 5 times a week at least if she would do it. I'm lucky if she give it up to me once a week. I do get lucky when we go on vacation though. She gives it up most every day when we are on vacation.

  • Having a kid killed it for us. We have sex maybe a few times a year. Anytime we are about to get freaky, we hear a knock at the door, "Damn it!" I say in my mind. It's like the kid knows. When I'm ready, she's asleep. She calls my erections "having problems." In the morning, we might try fooling around a little until we hear the kid's door open and he goes down for some cereal. When he's out somewhere and I'm in the mood, before I can make a move on her, she sometimes says, "My headache is killing me" or "My stomach is upset." Which stops my moves cold.

    This is the same girl that would jerk me off on a long road trip or use her dildo on herself when we pass truckers. Now I'm married to a nun.

  • I agree 100%! Why do I have to beg for scraps 6 days if the week?! Especially when the one day I get the good good it’s meh meh at best! What is he saving it for?!

  • Sounds like an alternate universe.

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