Fantasy on my student Ep2

I asked him: how do u feel about today?
He said: u made up my day, it's really enjoyable and I cherish it😃
After some texts I said:
"I am sorry to say but I was thinking about letting u release me a little... Just one time...."
"I don't know anyway better.... My man have friend love playing tinder if he found me there I will doomed...."
To my surprise he agreed and I even asked more:
"U are hour or min "
"I definitely hour😜"
I confessed to him that on the car I was controlling myself not to touch his leather like skin...
He was hehehe to me, but still insist to call me mam
I said: plz we are talking about this topic and u are calling me mam?
After sometime he said: I'm a demon, crazy
But he is hungry he also haven't done for long time, he is single now and came to my country for at least three months
So I said: Next Saturday we will do, and I will even give u blowjob but depends on how much score u got on the last test paper😜
I didn't expect he said: oh come on I want it 🤣
And there's still one week left, within Saturday come there are still two days I need to come to class, I would tease him and seduce him a little without letting leader or anyone seen in these two days , stay connected

Jul 16
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