Secret bisexual

So here it is, I'm a (now) 60 year old male and for years and years I've been indulging a fantasy. Started many years ago when I would go into public toilets and see if any men were looking for some fun. If I found someone who was interested I would go into a cubicle, strip naked, open the door and let them see. Sometimes stepping out, bending over, letting them feel me.. Also in summer I would go to the local sand dunes sunbathing naked, letting guys touch me, at first I liked guys to masturbate over me, then worked my way up to oral sex. Recently I've been meeting guys on the internet, using a vacant flat I was working on. Always safe sex, but being in bed with another man gives me so much excitement it's unbelievable. I'm outwardly totally straight, no-one has any idea what I'm really like..

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  • Hmmm , curious ?

  • Definitely! I love seeing a man get hard by seeing me naked..

  • I know the feeling i so long to , but never have the chance .

  • I have been wanting to suck a cock for years. Fantasize about it every day. Never found another man that would show me the way. Hope my day comes soon. Married and 65.........

  • I'd love you to suck my cock!

  • Such an exciting secret to keep, isn't it?

  • Especially when I post nude photos of myself on the net!

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