Showing off my women

All my dating life I have always loved getting my woman naked in public and letting other men see then naked and sometimes letting them watch me fuck them. It’s even better when the woman acted shy and embarrassed

It’s such a turn on for me but it has never been the reason the relationship ended. I generally got bored and moved on.

Does anyone else like to do this?

Jun 27
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    • Always enjoyed showing my women off. Some liked it some didn’t. Had a GF that liked being shown off but was shy. I would have her wear a sheer top and the shortest skirts I could find. She would blush when a guy noticed her nipples but always let them look. When she noticed a guy looking up her skirt (no panties) she would tell me and shyly blush and make it easier for him to see. Loved showing her off.

      My current wife knows I like to show her off. First time was at a topless beach and she took her top off. I took her to the busiest part of the beach and would find a group of guys to talk to and introduce them to my shy topless wife. She would laugh and talk and let them look at her pretty titties. We go places where she can get topless or wear revealing clothing so I can show her off. I talked her into being a naked hostess for my football party once. She was shy at first but loves me showing her off now.

    • I used to always let the men that saw us fuck her. My first gf and I both were virgins but after a year of dating, nearly 20 men had fucked her.

    • There’s many of us that do that. Show off some of those women please:

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