Fantasy of Student Ep1

I'm a language woman teacher, not more than 30, and my students are Adult students from outside of my country. This year there are four students, Three boys and one girl.The Boys I will just initialized as G,Y,B,and the girl is N.
The two boys G and Y were reached here before than the other boy and girl, while story started happened here.....
G seems master spoken language quicker than Y, and Y doesn't like talking, other colleagues even my leader called him a SLOTH behind him because every his movement is acting like a sloth .besides, he always love absenting class while I found he only missed one class of mine.
Inside of my heart I decided: I must let him get the way of studying this language and I believe he can't make me down!
So after my leader gave him a hard scolding , I was kinda talking to him in a kind way and he said in a small and slow voice: Mam, u are kind.
I felt even though the world may not trust his learning ability, I have to build him up! They are my first group of foreign students I have to work my best!
While Y still love absenting but much more better after my talking, maybe I felt the eyes he look at me is different, even though he is actually far less handsome than my official bf, and even though they are all black.
From time to time when I ask him for homework, and talk to him for a sense, Idk I felt i started to have fantasy on him...
After sometime, my bf back to his country to visit parents while ...I felt empty. So yesterday I was wanna go to the city library , while Y was asking me about where he can buy clothes, I said somewhere and I also come to city to do something, if he wanna wait for me. To my surprise, he agreed! I told him, my man must be sleeping at this moment so no worries.
Then just last Saturday we met, I even treated him a cup of coffee and start to do his shopping, when he finished he ask me where I am going, I said: I gonna do something.. and he asked again, I found he doesn't wanna back home so early, he wanna go with me! So I said my real destination about library and we went there by car.
There's kinda distance and he sits next to me, I tried my best to hold myself from touching his skin.
But still I admitted to him on texts....
(Point like to continue)

Jul 16
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