My first experience

I grew up in the 70’s. I had 2 older sisters I used to sneak out on the porch roof and peek in the window when they had sleep overs. It was fascinating to watch them undress, those old style panties and their bullet bras and putting on their transparent nylon nighties. I don’t know if it was because I was a young boy or was just lucky that my sisters and their friends had such ample breasts and of course at the time none of them shaved their pussies.
I was so fascinated by their one friend, a willowy blonde who had just a little fuzz on her peach. It was the first unobstructed slit that I saw. It was just so symmetrical and beautiful.
So where am I going with this, I got caught spying on them. Now our parents weren’t home, and the girls didn’t run around screaming and acting crazy. No they were upset but rather ordered, they snatched my young ass off the porch roof thru the window. They were discussing what they were going to do with the little pervert, my sisters were all for telling my parents when they got home, but this particular girl, Alyce came up with my punishment.
So she said that you want to spy and hang out with girls, let’s make you one. They all including my sisters were laughing and in agreement, and while I was still scared because I got caught, they stripped me naked, put a nightie on me and made up my face. When they were done, I looked in the mirror and was like wow, I really looked pretty. They let me hang out with them and it was a lot of fun.
Now Alyce got me aside, she said that I made a pretty girl, that I seem to like it, and that she wanted me to stop at her house next weekend and we could play dress up. So the day arrives, she takes me in her room, dresses me in panties and a slip top and makes up my face. When she was done, she said what do you think ? I said I liked it and then she takes me by the hand and leads me to her brother Rob’s room, and shows me off and asked him what he thought. Then she says you ought to get to know each other, you might have a lot in common.
He led me over to his bed, he reassured me, and everything just felt so comfortable. We kissed, hugged and he explored my body. Then he showed me how to suck his dick, it felt so normal, I must have been hotwired to this as I had him squirming and wiggling, without any direction found that playing with his balls not only gave me satisfaction, but intensified his pleasure too. I did gag a bit when he came, again it tasted great and it seemed so instinctive to sallow it down. He hugged me and was massaging my penis, and Alyce came back in the room. She said well it seems that you all got to know each other, and to Rob, did you do him yet, he said no, but I want to.
Then she leaves, and comes back with some baby oil. She says Rob be gentle, and rolled me on my belly and starts to oil up my butt and gently fingered my anus. As she stretched me out and put more oil in my anus, and cautioned him to be gentle. There were so many sensations shooting thru my body. He was very careful when he began to penetrate me, I know it the beginning I said wait I need to go to the bathroom, but Alyce was sitting at the edge of the bed, took my hand and said that it just felt that way and the feeling would go away. He must have loved my butt because it took him a bit of time and patience to gently work whole dick in me, and he rested a bit and he started thrusting and came pretty quick. When he had his orgasm, I thought that he was going to squeeze the life out of me.
I was Rob’s bitch until he graduated and went off to college. I got to see him on the occasional weekend he was home . Unfortunately for me my sisters didn’t have any gay friends. People do not realize being a homosexual in a small rural town in the 70’s wasn’t a whole lot of fun. I quickly understood to keep this side of me very private

Jul 16
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    • Great story except the part where she was there while her brother fucked you. I have a hard time with that. And I do understand being gay in a small town. It wasn’t much better in the 90s. But I sure knew a lot of guys’ secrets lol.

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