Naughty boring boy

I remember when I was about 14yo boy. I had my first sexual encounter with couple girls. I was leaving my friends place during the summer evening and cycling home trough the city.

There were couple girls drinking near the beach and they waved at me to join them, they asked do I drink etc, I said “no” as I was not really into drinking in such young age, they seemed to have plenty of wine and beer. Girls were dressed prettily in their summer dresses and around 25-30yo.

So I decided to talk with them as they both were beautiful and flirty with me, one brunette with curly hair and other strawberry blonde. They laughed little bit at me in my swimming trunks and shirt and asked have I been to swimming, and I told them I did. Then they asked would I be interested swimming with them. I agreed and took my shirt of and the girls just giggled and laughed at me while taking of their clothing and saying we should go for skinny dipping. I was little bit nervous and had a boner immediately, which the girls noticed and laughed not to worry, I was immediately amazed by the female body and their beauty, pale brunette and pale blonde body other one hairless and other one dark curly triangle. We did our share of quick swimming and laughing in the warm lake, afterwards the girls asked would I be in joining them in the brunette’s apartment.

I decided to join the girls as it might be into me in some way. After reaching apartment the blonde girl seemed to be little bit too wasted to continue so her friend tucked her into the sofa cozily. After taking care of her friend she invited me to her bedroom, immediately I had a full erection which she seemed to notice, as she came closer and took my hand, and touched me softly down there. And asked have I ever been with anyone, I gasped “not yet” and she seemed to grin at me. She guided me to her bed, then pushed me into the bed by climbing on top of me. We kissed and she pressed her hips towards my crotch and said here is something hard coming out. Slowly she went down and removed my trunks quickly and said you have a big one for a young man, and touched and guided her mouth on my cock. I almost came in a few minutes as she used her tongue and mouth pumping me. She rose and took her summer dress and I could see her wide hips and dark curls as she came on top of me, she guided mine in and started ride me. I think I did not last long as she was wet and hot and kept pumping her hips faster and faster until I exploded inside her in which she quivered kept pumping and pushing faster, she whispered into my ear can I do it soon again? I took me a few minutes to recover until I was ready to go again, next I was on top then behind and then again she was on top of me.

After one the best nights I have ever had. She made me breakfast in the morning and seemed to care about me by showing affection by touching in the morning and kissing. Her friend seemed to smirk at us, she smiled and asked did we have good night? We both looked at each other and laughed little bit. I went my way little bit later and we did not talk much after this event, I only saw her some months later with round belly and she smiled at me.

Jul 15
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