I was straight and a stud but now I'm gay and a bottom

One more gay story. I live alone in Tampa in a trailer. I have been divorced over twenty years and I have found my way by opening up my options. At first a 'boy' was off the table. But one day in Puerto Vallarta a totally smooth boy was in my bed and I discovered that a boy is good hunting. I use the term boy here, meaning a willful young man who earns a few dollars making an older man feel happy.

I learned how to pick them and how to get rid of them. Not all boys are worth keeping. I liked them a bit younger and more friendly, I got rid of the ones that got bossy. I liked hugging them, and using my hands on them and kissing them. Boys are just as much fun to kiss as girls. But no baggage afterwards.

In time as I got older I shifted my attention to older men, closer to my age. And I shifted from a pliable boy to a man who took charge and made love to me. My weakness is being kissed and fondled. I like having my head held while he fucks my mouth, I like having my hips held while he fucks my anus. I like a mother fucker of a man who has a mission to complete and I'm his canvas. I went from top to bottom. I like to fix the drinks and make the coffee.

Here in Tampa there are quite a few men living alone, or in some cases with roommates to save some money. In my park there is a man I hang out with, I call him Captain because at one time he was a Captain on a trawler. He's got rough hands from working the lines, and he has a permanent tan from the sea and the wind. I discovered that he is a man with a cock, a serious honest to goodness big cock. It's not so long as it is thick, and a man like me loves to take his cock and make love to it. I've worked his cock long enough that I know how to get him to cum and I open my mouth for him every time I suck him.

He is a man who gets the urge from time to time, and turns me around and I lean over the arm of the sofa, or if we are in his room I lay out on his bed and offer myself to him. I think the reason that I love to fuck with him is because he fucks with me face down and on my back covering me. He takes my face and kisses me, and moves his hips to get me to rub myself against the sheets under me. He is not so much as a kisser, but when he does kiss me I like it. He feels that kissing makes things too personal. How about having a man's dick up your anus?

I went gay some twenty years ago. There are a lot of gay men around here. We are well past the parades and the rainbow flags, We are more into sharing a hot tub and sucking the man in front of you. I am not a golfer, I suck at it. The captain likes fishing so we go out in his boat early in the morning looking for fish to grill for dinner.

Jul 13
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