Bachelorette and male stripper-how wild did it get?

I went to a Bachelorette party in a private residence where the bride sucked the stripper and he cum on her face with everyone cheering including her mother in law! Have any ladies got any genuine stories about private parties and male strippers and in laws! I thought that was crazy but maybe you can out do it. No fake porno type fantasies please just real situations.

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  • My experience is different as I am as a stripper through college and for a few years after. I thought when I started that the clubs were where things would get roudy but nothing compared to the bachelorette parties I did on my own time. I started brining condoms after my first bachelorette party because I got someone pregnant at the party. I actually posted a confession about it.

  • During my sister's bachelorette party, I got really drunk and normally would never do this. But while everybody was inside having fun one of the strippers took me into the alley. He took me to his car I could tell he was kind of poor because he had this really old rusted Cadillac. When we got in, he quickly bent me over the front seat folded my skirt over my ass, pulled my thong off to the side and started fucking me. Right away I remember thinking how good the sex was, how he moved his body and mine as he pounded me, it was like he'd done it a thousand times before, right then I remember looking into the backseat and seeing two kids car seats, I kind of thought to myself, the reason why he is so good at this is because he gets lots of experience fucking his wife.

  • Sexy and sad story.

  • Lmao yeah I’m sorry I can’t gelp but think anyone who fucks a male stripper is so sad she probably shouldn’t be telling us about it!

  • It is NOT sad that she fucked him, what is sad is the child car seats and that he was married, it changes the vibe of the whole thing. I would totally fuck a male stripper, they are usually hot and hung.

  • Whatever, I was really drunk and not making very good decisions it happens to a lot of people. Plus I thought he was somebody I could have a relationship with.

  • Right let me tell you, I’m a stripper and we have no intentions of having relationships with the skanks we fuck at parties.

  • A real stripper would not refer to his clients as skanks. But I agree would not be looking for a relationship, either.

  • Yeh that would be k doing that and mugsie but it aint me, good lord, that is disgusting.

  • We discussed already

  • Yeah how many times do you have to ask?

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