Nice confident boost

I over heard my neighbour talking about me on the phone while he was in the garden.
I was watering my pot plants in the bedroom upstairs and I could hear my neighbour talking, I looked out the window and could see he was talking on his phone.
Wasn’t paying any attention until I head my name mentioned, my neighbour said Jenny (not my real name) Jenny he said, Jenny who lives next door to me, yeah she’s ok, married to Kevin.
My neighbour was walking up and down the garden while on the phone, when I could hear him again whoever it was he was talking too he said, I know she also has a sweet looking ass.
Bless him.

1.1 years ago

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    • Now it's time to show him more

    • I was at a bbq gathering with my hot older sister, who'd worn short, halfway up the ass shorts, and a tight, low-cut tank top that exhibited her tits very well and very much popping out, and loved hearing the guys comment about her to each other and me. I was finishing a call alongside the house, and started talking to a younger guy who didn't know me or seen me with her, and he did the guy conversation thing, saying "Did you see the fuck doll in the tank top and ass shorts? I'd love to throw her down and fill her up", then said he'd seen her lean over to get food and he "so wanted to dump her drink down those tits" and lick it off.

      Another guy, presumably that one's friend, also commented to me "Yeah, holy shit, I'd pull her into that shed and fuck that ass until she screamed my name", and that he almost grabbed her ass going through the doorway to the kitchen, but didn't think he'd have been able to stop and would have tugged her shorts down to get at her mound. I agreed and made the guy talk with them, not saying a word about who she was or that she was there with me. I let them go off on their comments about her, knowing there were other guys who said or thought the same. My hot , fuck doll older sister was on display and the topic of all guys desire and comments.

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