I want to sleep with my stepdad, I think.

As I get older I realize my stepdad takes a little bit longer squeezes and touches her than seem normal. I enjoy the attention and apprecition he gives me, but do I like it too much. I have thought of what it would be like to have sex with him. My mom passed a year ago and I know he misses her but am I just a substitute or could this be true love where I should give him my virginity? Too many thoughts and ideas and feelings clouding my mind.

Jul 15
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I want to sleep with my stepdad, I think.

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    • It seems like both of you want this. Let it happen.

    • Sometimes it's OK just being a substitute. You know you've done a nice thing for someone who's hurting.

    • I'm not posting my age when this happened but I had sex with my mom's boyfriend.
      Mom had cheated on dad with the guy. The divorce was nasty and I truly found out what a ho mom was. I picked to live with dad & refused to visit mom for a year. Finally, dad convinced me to spend the weekend with mom and her boyfriend and try to work things out. While mom was at work, I wore a loose t-shirt in front of the guy. It worked. We had sex & he wore a condom. The next morning I told mom. I even showed her the used condom. lol It's been 3 year and I still haven't spoken to her. lol Karma - The ultimate B*ch

    • Awesome story.

    • I am a stepdad and I too found myself attracted to my step daughter, this was love truly.
      We now have sex regularly it's amazing though we are both married.

    • That is so awesome I would beg her to let me remove her work shoes and lick her sweaty and stinky feet

    • I have to ask if your stepson offered to give you a foot massage and following up with kissing licking and sniffing would you let him for you. I always stole my dasa worn nylons cu ha was in a band and loved the stiff and stink so much I sucked it out dunking in warm water lol.

    • My ex stepdaughter tried to fuck me constantly

    • Did you?

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