Open marriage

Wife wants an open marriage. She asked what I thought about it 6 months ago but I ignored the question. Then she asked again. She didn't ask what I thought. She asked if I wanted one.

My response was, "Guess the question is do YOU want one." She said, "Yeah kind of." I said, "You wanna fuck other guys?" She said, "And girls." I said, "Girls huh? I'd be down to see that. Wait, I thought you weren't into women." She said, "People change their mind. Wouldn't you want to fuck another woman?" I said, "Not really. Women don't want to be fuck buddies. They want to be girlfriends and wives. Why the interest in an open marriage? Are you fucking someone?" She said, "If I'm honest, you won't get mad?" I said, "I can't say that before I know." She said, "Yeah. I am. A guy from work. It's only been 2 or 3 times." I said, "What does he look like?" She said, "A good bit taller than you are. Pretty well built. Big dick." I said, "Big dick huh? How big?" She said, "I dunno. Bigger than you." I said, "If you want permission to keep fucking your friend, go for it." She said, "You're ok with it?" I said, "Sure. But when I don't get off work on time, you may not want to know where I've been."

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  • A few short years ago,me and my girlfriend both in our mid 20's,agreed to an open relationship.Why not?We were young,good-looking and in our prime,we liked each other but also liked fucking other people.I myself was quite fond of this lovely little 18 year old blonde.She had this slender,model like figure,not curvy at all,peach sized boobs and a tiny,cute little butt that looked more like a 14 year olds.But when i bent her right over on her knees,that bum was to die for.Oh my God.I would spend alot of time rimming her and eating her in that position.Then I would slip my dick in her and fuck her slow and deep.The sex was amazing.Watching my dick go in/out of her tight bald pussy,the sight of her cute little ass and her sexy moans were too much.I would cum one hell of a load deep in her.Then would watch as it trickled out of her.I got quite fond off watching that too.Of course she eventually ended up pregnant.

  • What she doesn't know is a guy down the road has already hit on me. I told him I was married and he told me he likes married men. Next time I see him if he hits on me, I'll just have to take him up on it

  • Having her suggest an open marriage and talking about it with you hoping you might want to go along with it is fine. Having her ask about having an open marriage then her telling you she is already fucking another guy isn't ok. She is just a cheating whore who wants your blessing so she can fuck around guilt free.

  • I think whether you accept this or not depends on a lot of variables, including how long you've been married. If you have been married 20 years or something, your relationship might be stable enough to handle an open context with sex. The problem is that fucking someone is an emotional thing, and it takes a rare type to be able to disassociate the orgasms with other feelings of attachment including love. Maybe your wife can separate sex from committed love, but maybe she can't. If it's the latter, you might as well get divorced now, cause it isn't going to work.

  • Wish my wife proposed this to me. After 10 years, having sex with her is like doing algebra. I can tell she's bored too, and doesn't even go to the gym anymore, even though I've been going more than ever. She outweighs me too (I'm 5'10 about 160). I think most women think they'll lose their husbands if they agree to an open marriage, I just honestly wouldn't mind fucking someone different, I wouldn't mind it if she did either. We get along fine, security is great, but I honestly think I can't take 5 more years of this.

  • I personally think this is hot. If my wife came to me with this same confession, I'd be all for it. I beat off all the time over thoughts of other men fucking my wife behind my back. You're a lucky guy!

  • Yeah, I'd love to watch another guy pound my wife. I'd beat off to it and maybe even play with the guys Dick if he let me.

  • What I want to see is my wife riding her friends cock on the couch. Me walk in the door to her facing him bouncing up and down on his dick

  • When I was in high school at my friends house he was changing I couldn’t help commenting how huge his cock was. Over 9” and twice my girth as we compared cocks jacking off I imagined how my 5 1/2” would compare inside a girl to his. We talked and joked about trying it out on different girls I dated over the years. Before long never having a chance to actual follow thru I was graduated and married. I started imagining it all over again it was very overwhelming addicted to the thought and talked to my wife. I went into detail about my past desires and wanted her to experience him. It didn’t take to much to convince her she only wanted assurance it wouldn’t effect our marriage. My friend fucked her hard she loved every second of it and admitted his much bigger cock felt better during sex. She wasn’t shy about admitting she wanted this to be a regular thing and I had enjoyed our three way and watching. During one of our three ways my wife and I was 69ing me on bottom he was pounding her pussy stretching it out his balls in my face. Luckily he didn’t mind as I started feeling licking and sucking his balls and he shoved his cum covered cock in my mouth. I thought the threesome was intense but this just jacked the intensity to a new level. Making this apart of our threesomes we easculated naturally as I learned how his cock felt pain and pleasure. Crazy how sex can be when you don’t close any doors

  • My wife fucked an ex while we were engaged, told me about it years later when she learned about my fantasies. I jack off about it regularly.

  • Good comment. A woman that does that shit is not to be trusted or respected. She says 2 or 3 times already but I guarantee you it is more than that. She's been cucking you in a major way. Plan on a marriage exit strategy and begin enacting it for future divorce but also start enjoying the benefits of the open marriage now that the wife has admitted to being a serial cheater. This kind of shit should bu can then find e worked on jointly in advance of any actual affairs with rules and guidelines set up for the protection and benefit of the couples and their marriage. This bitch has no respect for you or the marriage and cannot be trusted any farther than you can through her. Slut shame her with as many free fucks as you can find and then push for all the property and assets in the divorce and then kiss her ass goodbye. Keep playing the field until you find the right woman who deserves your trust and respect and all the other great things you can provide.

  • I'll give your wife this, at least she came clean and asked your permission to cheat. Open marriages work way better for women than men for they have the pussy. Swinging together helps even the odds for the guy but even still she can have way more action than a guy if she wants it.

    Open marriages and swinging work well for some and don't work out for even more.

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