My Hairy Wife

My wife is 59. She is attractive, great legs, good figure and a prim and proper shy English rose. She looks great when dressed up, a summer dress and heels always draws attention.
However, under her clothes and striving to get out of her tight little bikini panties is an extremely hairy cunt.
I met her when she was 17 and after many months of patient groping and refusal, I finally got my hand up her skirt, past the stocking tops and eventually into her cotton knickers.
I found my fingers amongst a thick soft bush of pubic hair, which of course led to the ultimate prize.
From that moment I have been a dedicated pubic hair lover, however, the biggest thrill I get is when I notice some guy chatting to her and think to myself, she looks so pretty, so ladylike, such a sweet innocent smile ...if only he knew what was under that summer dress! If only he knew that in those tight little panties was a nasty hairy growler totally unsuited to her sweet exterior. Such a good girl, mine is the only cock she has ever had.
I had a friend who made no secret of his lust for her and his desire to corrupt her, I readily admit that I found it a real turn on. On one drunken night out and observing my wife and his on the dance floor, he actually asked, `Is she hairy?` My raised eyebrows and nod brought delight to his eyes, `I knew it!`

Sometime later and after another drink fuelled night out to celebrate his still hospitalised wife giving birth to their daughter, I knowingly left him and my wife together in the lounge on the pretence of obtaining more booze.
Neither of them knew that I had purposely left a gap in the lounge curtains and after driving my car around the corner, I returned to the rear garden to observe their encounter through the window.

My wife had never really encouraged his attentions and often complained to me about his very forward manner when at a nightclub. However, this situation was different, he had her alone, worse for drink and now very aroused.
I watched as he attempted to pull her to him and kiss her and I could hear her telling him to behave. His persistence eventually paid off when she sat on a stool with her back against the wall; he kneeled in front of her and despite her attempt to stop him, his hand eventually found it's way under her dress.
I could see the expression of resignation on her face as she finally relented, his hand had obviously found her hairy pussy.
To my surprise her head went back against the wall, her eyes closed and an almost painful expression came across her face; her mouth opened and she gave out a strong exhalation of breath; his fingers had done their job, she had obviously cum.
During this time I had myself cum twice as I witnessed this glorious act of near rape and I hastily returned to the car and drove into the driveway.
Just as I approached the front door it opened, he was now leaving, `Thanks for the night, must go`, and off he went.
As per usual, despite her apparent dislike of his attentions, she would give me an account of his antics when we went to bed, followed by a frenzied fuck.
This was no different, she detailed everything that had gone on.... not knowing that I had witnessed it all for myself......her hairy soaking wet cunt was testament to her first sexual experience with another male.
As for him, we never spoke of it, like my wife he was unaware that I had watched everything. My only thought was, what satisfaction and ultimate pleasure must he have felt when finally touching her hairy pussy.

4 months ago

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    • You and friend should fuck your wifes hairy pussy together

    • When ever I cum on my wife’s pussy hair she tells me it’s a pain to clean off.
      I try to help by eating it.

    • I adore a hairy cunt, and especially love a hairy ass crack and asshole .

    • Soon after our second child was born when my wife was 28 she started rocking the full bush. I tried to get her to shave now and again so I could enjoy her bald pussy once in a while but she just couldn't be bothered. Into her 30s she started having the curvy mum bod and I had to admit the bush suited her big mum boobs,bum and hips and I loved it. Always ran my fingers thru her bush hair if she was laying naked in bed. It would get us both in the mood and I'd always extend the foreplay,with her sucking me as I fingered her with 2 or 3 fingers. She was a helluva squirter and I loved getting that bushy pussy hair soaking. I would then fuck her and normally finish in her but loved shooting my load all over that bush to see my cum in her muff.

    • My 45 year old wife has a sexy blonde patch above her pussy. I wish she’d go all natural

    • Like you my 52 year old wife has a wonderful hairy pussy. She was 16 when we met. She has always worn sheer panties and I love to see her dark triangle through her panties with a few stray hairs escaping from around the legs of her tight panties.
      She shaved for our wedding day and and a few years after until the birth of of first child.
      I asked her if she would grow it back and she readily agreed and said she thought I preferred her smooth.
      We were on holiday in Fuertevntura and my wife and I were in the naturist area of the hotel she was getting a lot of attention as she was the only woman there with a full bush.
      I know that many don't like a hairy pussy. I think it looks beautiful and draws your eye to a woman's sex.

    • Winter is full bush season, which I love. In summer, my wife (41) trims back to her bikini line and leaves the rest alone...drives me crazy knowing there’s a beautiful bush underneath!

    • Love to show her to you

    • You tell a great story. I also have a wife with lots of hair, it can get 4-5 inches long without trimming. I love to part it down the middle and eat her out.
      Looks super good through white nylon panties.

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