American girl let me try everything

I came to America to do my graduate work. I was not prepared for how women behaved, or dressed. I come from a very conservative culture. Seeing women in very revealing clothing, and particularly in very revealing swimwear chocked me.

At the units where I lived there was a woman who had nice breasts and she would talk to me and lean forward. One day she caught me looking and she asked me if I had ever touched 'tits', how about 'pussy'. Well if the truth were to come out, in our country there are prostitutes for that, but I had not been with a prostitute, so no I had not touched 'tits' or 'pussy'.

She disrobed and walked around in front of me, so I could see what a woman looked like. She let me hold her breasts in my hands, she laid her breasts across my face, she slapped my erection for being naughty. She sat on the table, and opened her legs and let me see how a woman was, holding herself open. She let me touch and she had me kiss her 'love button'. My erection was real so she let me put it in, right in her hole and she told me that when I was ready to shoot, to pull it out and shoot on her stomach.

She showed me how to let her give me 'blowjobs', she showed me that woman can be approached from the 'rear', for some 'rear guard' action. Pick the hole, if I went down the 'rabbit' hole, to pull it out before shooting, if I went down the 'poop shoot' I could shoot any time I wanted. I liked the poop shoot. In my country when you are growing up you learn that way, with another boy;

She let me take as many pictures and videos with my phone to show my friends that I really had a woman. Maybe they would want to have a woman too. That's why America is better, a man can have a woman when ever he wants to.

I returned to my country after my studies. My family had arranged for me to meet and get to know a nice young woman. After we became friends I told her about America and showed her the pictures and the videos. She let me get to her poop shoot, but save her rabbit hole for when we got married. My wife, we are married now, uses modern medicine to avoid getting pregnant, so I can 'shoot' up her rabbit hole as much as I want. She is very pretty, very small compared to American women.

She tells her mother that there must be something wrong with me because in spite of being married she has still not conceived. She is a modern girl and wants to wait to be older. I don't blame her, she was eighteen when she got married.

Jul 10
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    • My kids were all grown and out of the house, friend asked if I could house their son while he attended college, why not right? We had 4 emptied bedrooms. I wanna say after his second year with us, is when it happened. Caught him staring at me, and my girlfriends, even worse when we were in the pool. Joseph was shy, very shy, couldn’t make eye contact, and would turn red, he is Chinese. He spends all his time studying, never went out. After school straight to the bedroom to study.

      I basically threw myself at him one night, with some help of liquid courage. My husband was never around, always working or on a business trip. I used to tag along with him, but it was too boring, and his partners were no fun. It was wonderful, I took this young Chinese man and made him my boy toy. We went on dates, and we acted as if we were a couple. And in return he used my body any which way he pleased. And the stamina he had was unbelievable. Small penis, but I thought him how to utilize it. I was sad when he graduated, but I made an excuse to go visit my friend and hookup with Joseph. This was before ring cameras, my house is full of cameras now.

    • My wife confessed to me that when she was going to a local college she tutored 2 young guys from the middle east.
      With each of them she ended up getting felt-up and necking with them after spending so many evenings over studies in her apt.
      "Did you fuck them?"
      "No but ....the one guy was pretty big."
      "How do you know that?"
      "Well, you know how I like to 'grind' on your crotch? So, I was down to my panties and my top - and so i was pretty drunk and very forward - so I laid on him. And could feel his big dick in his Levis!"
      "Did you cum?"
      I'm pretty sure she fucked him...! Is too much of a 'lady' to admit it!

    • Damn right she fucked him. She rode that big cock bareback and made him cum multiple times. Any woman who says she did not do that is a bold faced liar or a lesbian

    • This brings back memories. I had a coworker who had a wife back home in another country. He hadn't been married long before he immigrated, so they had very little time together. He was saving to bring her to America. Meanwhile, I met dated, got engaged and then. He was very horny and lonely.

      We'd invite him over for dinners on occasion and after a while, he became an occasional subject of our sex talk. It took a long time but eventually, we gave him the option of sharing my wife, on condition, once his wife immigrated, he share her with us, me, the same amount of times.

      He said NO right away, but later asked if we were serious later and then eventually started negotiating details. At the time, the stipulation my wife had was that his wife had to inform my wife that she was in full agreement. That took months.

      What reminded me of this post was that my wife had to teach him a lot. It seemed like he hadn't learned much before he left her. Same thing happened when she arrived in America. She didn't know much, and I ended up teaching her a lot as well. Nothing but good memories of those times

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