Punishing my daughter

I'm a single mom of two teenagers. My daughter, Stephanie, is 15 and my son, Daniel, just turned 17. Daniel has gone through his rebelious teenage phase already and lately has been a pretty good kid all around. But Steph has an awful teenager attitude - she is inconsiderate, rude, and is constantly somewhat of a bitch to me and her brother.

I've decided to institute a new discipline policy to counter her 'bitchiness'. Anytime she says something rude - uses her tongue for 'evil' - she then has to make up for it by using her tongue for good.

So for example the other day Steph called her brother an asshole, unprompted. In response, I grabbed her, pushed her to knees in front of Daniel, and instructed him to remove his pants. He took his cock out, and I guided her head as she took him in and out of her mouth until he came on her face.

Another time, Stephanie refused me when I asked her to finish up her chores. In response, I removed my pants & underwear, grabbed her by her knees, and had her eat my pussy until I came twice.

So far this method of discipline has not seemed to be very effective, she has continued to be as rude as usual.

Any other parents have any tips for how to go about this in a more effective way?

Jul 9
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    • Me personally in my opinion is to not do these things. If she’s gonna be bitchy like that then you needa whoop her ass instead of you doing oral with or or fucking her because how is that gonna help

    • Wish I was part of your family

    • She like the way you punish her

    • Sad family

    • Have her brother butt fuck her and when he’s ready to cum pull out and ejaculate all over her pantied covered ass. Then tell her next time she steps out of line she giving up the pussy to her brother.

    • Make her brother fuck her up the ass as you watch then after he cums inside her asshole turn her over and whip her pussy lips till she shits all her brothers cum out of her ass

    • Take her phone.

    • Kick her in her miserable face

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