Husband destroyed a friendship

My husband fucked up a friendship maybe for good. I'll try to keep this short, but I'm furious at him and feel like ranting. Our friends Steve and Stephanie ("Steph") invited us over for dinner. We meet up a few times a year, and they just bought a new house, so we went over to see it.

We had a nice time catching up. They mentioned that the house had a hot tub out back, and that we should bring our swimsuits next time and try it out. My half-drunk husband said, "Or we can just skinny dip and try it out tonight." I elbowed my husband in the ribs, as what he said was inappropriate, but Steve and Steph actually just laughed and Steve said, "Are you serious?" We talked about it and decided to skinny dip. I was okay with that.

I don't have a lot of hangups about nudity, bodies are bodies. We stripped and I won't lie, I liked seeing Steve's cock for the first time. I didn't say anything, didn't stare, and just stripped and jumped in the tub. When Steph stripped, my husband said, "Wow, you look fucking hot." I almost died right there. Steve looked at my husband with an odd look, like he was unnerved.

Well, we had a nice time drinking wine and enjoying the tub, and things seemed to be normal again. Steph went to grab another bottle of wine, and when she lifted her leg to get out of the tub, my husband blurted out, "Look at that pussy!" I cringed, and made my husband apologize, and he did, but I could see Steve with daggers coming out of his eyes, because my husband was ogling his wife. The whole thing was awkward.

We stayed for a little while longer, but I could tell that my husband's immature comments affected the vibe for the worst. When we got home, I was a crying mess, and tried to call Steve and Steph to apologize for my husband's behavior, but they didn't return my calls. They didn't return my calls/texts the next day or the day after either. I'm pretty sure my husband just destroyed a very nice friendship with them. We had been friends for 8 years. I'm so sad about this.

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  • Your husband is an idiot. It's his responsibility to fix this issue. What he said was inappropriate and you need to have him repair the damage. It isn't going to mean as much to the other couple if it comes from you.

  • What a bunch of fake ass stupid invented shit this is. I'm still laughing so hard I will wet myself. Look at that pussy, LOL. Be serious if you can. That's the best you can do? Tell such utter bullshit like that? Fuck I did it! I just wet the bed. Thanks a lot. Oh and the names. Steve and Stephanie? You went all out to figure those out didn't you. Fuck! I pissed more. Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bad judgement all the way around. Your husband was already making rude and insensitive remarks because he's half in the bag, and what do you do ? Drink MORE wine ! Hopefully the other couple will eventually forgive you / him.

  • I feel your pain. IMO, the problem is your husband not respecting their relationship and/or boundaries. You can be nude and not have it be sexual. That is how they saw it. Your husband obviously was thinking of screwing Steph. Big problem. I don't know if there is a way to mend the bridge, but you should both apologize and talk it out. It could be a learning moment for everyone.

  • I feel your pain? Really! Bill get the fuck off this site. I told you if you came on here one more time I would post for the whole world to see it.
    Mrs. C.

  • The four of you knew what you were getting into. You should had gone with it and complemented Steves cock the whole night

  • Moron! You believe this stupid made up crap. Your an Idiot.

  • Why would YOU need to apologize for your husband's behaviour? Isn't that his responsibility?

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