GF gets birthday spanking from ex coworkers

I had a birthday party for my gf and invited her friends that she used to work with. My gf used to dance at a topless club so the coworkers were dancers that she used to dance with. Most of them brought husbands or boyfriends and I had some of my friends too. A little while into the party the girls said they were taking my gf to the basement to see our workout room and give her her birthday present. The guys were told to stay upstairs until they were done. We just talked and drank beer and heard a lot of loud noises and laughing coming from the basement. Then one of the gals came up snd told the guys to come downstairs because it was time for her birthday spanking. We all went downstairs and I could hear my gf saying don’t come down here this isn’t fair. When we got downstairs the gals had my gf tied to the workout bar. Her hands above her head facing the mirror on the wall in just her bra and panties. There was a sign that said spank me next to her. The guys were all laughing and said oh this is going to be fun. They had her wrists tied to the crossbar and she was kind of on her tiptoes and stretched out. One of the guys stepped up and said let the spanking begin. One of her coworkers said wait just a minute she’s not ready yet. Then she started unclasping my gf’s bra. My gf said no don’t but too late. The bra dropped off and my gf’s pretty titties were there to be seen. Her coworker said oh stop your whining you used to show your titties for a living. Everyone laughed and my gf said that was a couple years ago. Her coworker laughed and said you quit working there just before it became a nude club. My gf said she didn’t think she could have done that anyway. The girls she used to work with said oh it isn’t that bad. Then said ok are you ready to be spanked? My gf said no but I know you’re going to anyway. Her coworker said oh and one more thing and started to take my gf’s panties down. My gf pleaded no, not my panties, OMG stop, not funny noooooo, as her coworker slowly slid her panties off her butt and down her legs to her ankles. My gf said pull them back up please. Her coworker pulled them iff her feat laughing. My gf cried out OMG your going to spank me naked? Tied to the bar all she could do was look at everyone and herself in the mirror. Everyone had a turn on her cute butt. She was 28 and was getting 28 from everyone. Some were firmer slaps to her butt making her jump a little which made her titties bounce and jiggle. Some watched from behind watching her petite body in the mirror and others watched from the front. After the spankings the girls uncuffed her wrists and took her to the bench press bench. They handcuffed her again to the weight supports on each side. My gf said now what? Then the girls put staps on her ankles. My gf said oh please don’t do what I think you’re going to do. They laughed and pulled one foot to each side of the bench. My gf said no no do not spread my legs. They tied the other ends of each strap to a bench press bar pulling to each side of the bar. My gf was begging no no thats enough and finally OMG I don’t believe you’re doing this. When all was said and done her legs were spread wide and titties and pussy on display. No one touched her except for a couple of her girlfriends just teasing her. Everyone was looking at her. Her girlfriends said see its not that bad. Once you get used to the guys looking at your pussy it’s not much different than dancing topless. She was biting her lip and shaking her head as she looked at all the guys that were looking at her pussy. Her coworkers said let us know when you’re comfortable enough to socialize naked and we will untie you. My gf said I will but I want one thing for my birthday. They said sure anything. My gf said untie me and I will stay naked but I want you girls to get naked too. They all laughed and said fair enough. It will be like old times. They all stripped naked and untied my gf. It was great having them all naked. We put on music and they all used the basement pole as a stripper pole and took turns dancing including my gf. It was a fun party. Later my gf asked me what I thought about her dancing occasionally at the club with the girls. She said it was fun dancing again and would like to try it in the nude club at least once. I said can I come watch? She said sure. She said it was fun tonight watching the guys look at her again and showing her pussy was new and exciting even though at first it was embarrassing. She said the girls were just having fun. She said she remembered how much fun she used to have dancing and nude could be fun too.

Jul 9
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    • I spanked my girlfriend playfully in front of my friends. She had on a short skirt with no panties underneath. She laughed and said oh are you going to turn me over your knee? I put her over my knee exposing her bare butt to my friends. She laughed and said your friends are getting a show. She was ok with them looking and I knew it. I spanked her gently on her bare butt. I said spread your legs or I’ll spank you harder. She said oh no not harder and opened her legs to show my friends her pussy as she was bent over my knee. She looked over her shoulder at my friends looking at her pussy. She looked back at me and said you better make me cum tonight. I gently rubbed my fingers across her pussy and it was quite wet. She liked my friends seeing her and said the spanking was nice too.

    • I wrote about a birthday spanking that I got on my 19th birthday. It was an experience that I will never forget. It was the first time that I was so completely dominated and found surrendering and willing to become submissive can be co erotic.

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