Cuck gf

Okay up date with my gf wanting cuckold stuff, ive been horny lately and frustrated, the other day my gf was fucking some guy on our bed and she had her face pushed down into the mattress my gf told me we can always fuck once she's done with who ever she's fucking but only once she's done because its rude for the guy shes with, i ignored it and grabbed my gf from the face and fucked her mouth like her ass I wasn't worried about being gentle as shes has had sex with 6 other guys in the past weeks so i figured she could at least be experienced now, but she was drewing so much saliva for the reason that she kept trying to talk to me and wasn't closing her mouth and the dude behind her just looked at me like what am I doing. but I continue to face fuck her she has never deep throated me so I honestly took advantage after 3 minutes she was letting me enjoy my self i could feel my head squeezeing into her throat it felt so good and every time the guy pushed into her from behind i could feel my gfs throat flex it was the best I came quickly and when I came i pushed all the way into her mouth for a minute at least i felt so aroused and sensitive so i kept cumming or just tryjng to squeeze my load into her when I pulled out she was nasty a big load of saliva spilled from her mouth, the guy fucking her wasnt finished with her yet so I pretended to not be finished either i then told the guy lets flip this bitch over usually my gf would get mad to call her a bitch but she didn't say a word this time and so then i fucked her tittys, i basically did everything I wanted to do with my gf that she wouldn't let me do or do for me, the guy fucking her before me finished for what I assumed and just left without a word, but it was kinda hot my gf stayed in the same position with her legs open so i stopped titty fucking her and moved in between her legs her pussy felt floppy now but i was having fun my gf was letting me so anything i wanted so I continued to fuck i threw her legs in every direction, but she seem unconscious for a couple minutes so stopped to ask if she's okay she said she was really sore and tired and that she was catching her breath so she was fine I continued to fuck her i came into her pussy and layed next to her as she was still tired, after 5 minutes I realized I was playing with her tittys and with out moving I stuck my dick into her ass hole. she moaned a little and said "stilll oh lord" as I pushed her face into the mattress just how the guy before her had her i came minutes later and but i decided to play with her ass cheeks then i got turned oj again and then i fucked only her ass cheeks fell asleep with my head on her tummy she then wrapped her arms around my head and we went to sleep together for the night, needless to say I think i may still love my gf or I probably fell in love with the idea of her now, its the next day and she's still in bed at this moment


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  • That’s kind of hot. Is she still fucking other guys?

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

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