Got caught

My husband and I have been married just over 25 years and our marriage was on the rocks until just a few months ago when our sexual desires were rekindled (another story).

Oh daughter was home from university and had a 3 of her old HS friends over for a sleep over. We all watched a movie but then my husband was falling asleep so we went to bed. He got “frisky” but I denied him sex as the girls were in the next room.

Early that morning I rolled over and discovered he was rock hard. We are in our early 50’s so I was like OMG! I went to town sucking him off. We cuddled but he was hard again. I told him no because of the girls but he started suckling my breasts and I couldn’t resist. The thought of having my daughter and her three 19-20 year old friends in the house made it more erotic. I orgasmed 3 times and Jim came in me twice.

We were hungry after all that so I put on a robe and Jim his pajamas and we walked to the kitchen. Our daughter was sound asleep but her friends were on the couch wide awake giggly and staring at the obvious boner sported by Jim. They saw that I caught them looking and our eyes met. They had a look like WOW and I smiled.

The girls were eager to help Jim so I let them help while I showered.

Jul 8
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    • My comment below

    • Lucky Jim. Did he fuck them? Did your daughter wake up and join in. Did you get out of the shower and eat there cum filled pussy

    • Our daughter did not wake up till after breakfast was prepared.

      And no Jim did not have sex with them but they sat on either side of him and across from him during breakfast. When ever he needed anything they waited on him hand and foot.

      Don’t think I am going to be leaving any of those girls alone with him anytime soon

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