Chubby chick

In MS we had a new girl move to our town during the summer. A friend of mine met her before me and got her number. He kept telling me she was DTF and had huge tits. We called her one day and she had the sexiest voice, I was excited to meet her. She was telling us to come see her. She lived about 3 miles from me. It was hot as hell out but we were horny so we started walking. We finally make it there and she's walking down the road towards us and I didn't believe it was her, but it was. She was more than thick, I'd say chubby. She did have huge tits but only because of her size. She had a cute face and nice lips, but I was seriously disappointed. She's immediately attracted to me, I'm stuck on no at this point. We talk for a few minutes and I tell her we gotta go lol. She's like "well atleast kiss me before you go". I leaned in and kissed her she reaches in and grabs at my dick and rubs it. I remember her soft lips feeling great and I instantly got hard. She invited us down to the lake in the back of her neighborhood. We walked down there and she said we should get in the water and fuck. I'm thinking how the fuck does that work? Me and my buddy stripped down to our boxers and got in. I could tell she only wanted me. We got in about chest high and she starts rubbing her butt against me and I pulled her shorts down and tried to put it in with no luck. She tugged on my dick for a while before I gave up and we left. We walked all the way home pissed off lol. That next school season there she was, came right up to me in the hall and gave me a hug I was so embarrassed lmao. I never talked to her again.

Jul 4
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    • You should give her what she wants. It takes a lot for a girl to pursue a guy like that. She deserves at least one good hard fucking and who knows you may enjoy it

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