Insatiable wife

So a couple years ago, the wife and I had been talking about an open marriage. I want her to enjoy other men. Our sex life is decent but this would spice it up. On one hand, seeing her flirt and have sex with other men would be a huge turn on. On the other hand, it would likely make me jealous and I would do things for her that I normally wouldn’t want to. It’s a win win for both of us.

We talked about it in casual conversation more than a few times. Each time she got a little bit more ok with the idea. 6 months later she had a boyfriend. She didn’t tell me for the first 3 months. She didn’t lie, but just didn’t tell me about it. When she did tell me about it, she said that she needed to get comfortable with him before bringing it to family. 3 months of sex 3-4 times a week. She really enjoyed fucking him. I knew she had been doing something. Turns out I would be sloppy seconds a few times in those 3 months. Now, knowing that she had fucked her BF and then fucked me after, such a huge turn on.

So fast forward to a couple weeks ago. We had our annual backyard cookout for the beginning of summer. Steaks, chicken quarters, beer, pool. We had over family and friends. I invited a few ppl from work. Her family was surprisingly accepting of her having a BF while married. At family functions she would sit with me on one side and DeMarco on the other side. She would openly kiss him. He’d love on her (nothing too sexual). Family would ask how our relationship works. She told them with my work schedule, she liked having another man around. They would ask me how I feel about it. I assured them that this added to our marriage and everyone was cool with everyone.

So anyway, back to the cookout. DeMarco couldn’t make it. He got called into work at the last minute. Around 4pm is when family started to disperse. There was a handful of ppl left. My brother, one of the guys from work. Carry (yes, a guy) said, “So Jen, you said you have a boyfriend? What’s his name? DeMarco?” She said, “Yep.” He said, “Well, if he’s stuck around this long either he has a big dick or money.” She said, “He makes my car payment and pays for dates but a gentleman should do that for his lady, but yes, he’s big enough.” Carry said, “Big enough? Would you trade up for a bigger dick?” She said, “Trade up? I wouldn’t break up with him but I’d definitely be interested in a bigger dick so long as they knew how to use it.” Carry said, “Would 10 inches be ok?” She said, “Who has 10 inches?” Carry said, “Uh…I do.” She said, “Bullshit. You pull out 10 inches and I’ll fuck you right here right now.”

He stood up, pulled his swimming trunks off and pulled out a damned baby elephant trunk. It was the most glorious cock I’ve ever seen. Jen said, “Well, a deal is a deal.” She had on a sarong with nothing underneath it and a bikini top. She undid the top and dropped it to the ground. she untied the sarong and let it fall. She got on top of him and fucked him right there poolside for me and my brother to see.

Jul 4
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    • She’s going to dump you. Hate to tell you dude.

    • No, not necessarily. I married when I was as 22 and by 48 our kids were on their own. I wanted to spice up our love life and got my wife into fucking other men. Sometimes she would be gone the whole weekend with several guys. I told her she should bring her dates home and let me watch. One thing lead to another and I was soon sucking cock and sometimes multiple cocks. We’ve had some of the best sex ever together and I would not have it any other way.

    • But his is actually cheating. Not the same thing. I’d love to have your life

    • Is it you only watching? Do you think you would want a 3 some? Would you suck her lovers cock?

    • Dang your wife is a little slut. You better be getting some on the side from this open marriage as I have no doubt she is going to leave your ass for a better fuck

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