bothers me that my wife has had more partners than me

My wife was kind of a whore in High School. Didn’t really know about her past until it was to late. I can’t help thinking about it? I think she is a closet cheater

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  • Same thing with my wife, she was sexually active in high school and up into her early twenties when we met and got married. She's a loving wife and she f&cks and sucks like a little wildcat so I'm happy with her.

  • My wife told me about her previous four boyfriends fucking her when we started dating. She asked me if it bothered me that she'd had lovers while I was still a virgin at 21. I told her that I was happy that she was an experienced woman and that the other guys had made her into the perfect woman for me.

  • I know what you mean. My ex wife wasn’t necessarily a whore but she did have her share of fun. Problem was she hid it all from me. So many people knew but she “omitted” it from her resume. Tough to meet her ex a week before the wedding to find out he’s 6’11”, black and fits the stereotype perfectly with his 10” cock.

  • Ppl aren't obligated to give their sexual resume when they start a relationship with someone. My wife and I are very sexual. Within 5 minutes of meeting me, she asked how many ppl I'd been with and to be honest about it. I had to think about it. I said, "11 women." She said, "Why did you say women?" I said, "Too be honest, because I've been with men also." She said, "How many men?" I said, "Full on sex? 2. Just oral? Probably like 10." She said, "Why the difference?" I said, "Because I don't mind at all mutual sucking but letting someone fuck me, I want to know them a bit better." She said, "So you are a bottom?" I said, "Yeah. I never could get into fucking another guy. I'd rather be with a woman that way. But the other way around, I can get into that." She said, "So you like being penetrated?" I said, "Do you like anal?" She said, "Absolutely. Not at first. Nobody likes it at first. Gotta get plenty of practice." I said, "And you've had plenty of practice I guess?" She said, "Oh yeah." I didn't need to know a specific number. Her telling me she's had plenty of practice being fucked in the ass was enough.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Why let it bother you. Just makes her better in bed.

  • Not really. My ex wife had guilt or shame or something about her past. Actually made her worse in bed.

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