My Best DP Ever

A few days ago I posted about my first DP. Now, I want to post about my best DP. To recap, My husband and I married right out of high school. I was 5'4', 120, blonde hair, green eyes, 36C, nicely curved, and always up for sex (still am). My husband Rick joined the military and and we have a great relation and an opportunity presented itself to me when I was 24 and made a comment to Rick and his 2 friends, who were watching porn, that led to my first DP. After that first encounter, we had an MFM threesome once or twice a year over the next few years. All were great fun but the best was yet to come. When I was 27, my husband was stationed at Fort Belvoir, VA. I became friends with Lucy, a neighbor across the street, that was Filipino and married to a soldier as well. One summer day I walked across the street to visit Lucy and noticed a jacked up red mid sized Toyota pickup truck in front of her house. I heard voices and walked around back to find Lucy, her husband, and this really cute guy that Lucy introduced as her husbands brother, Bruce. Bruce lived a couple hours away and had stopped by to visit his brother for the weekend. Bruce was about 25, 6' tall, blonde hair, a wisp of a goatie, muscular, and had a great smile. He looked like a countryboy surfer. he was only wearing sandals and swim trunks and when he smiled at me, his eyes took their time checking me out. I felt my nipples stiffen. and thats where his gaze became fixed. I returned the gaze in similar fashion, making sure he saw me staring at his crotch, and thought my gosh what a hunk. His only drawback, which took me by surprise, was that he had kind of a pip squeak voice, which i didn't expect. I stayed about 30 minutes and when their food was done, i said my goodbyes, told Bruce it was nice meeting him, hoped to see him again, and I went on back to my house. It really didn't occur to me at the time of having a possible threesome. Over the next few months, Bruce stopped by a couple of different weekends, and when I would see his truck there, I would casually walk over and say hi. I always made sure to give him a sultry look and by the 3rd encounter, it was obvious that I was someone he desired to fuck. The following Monday night, after he left, me and Rick were having sex and I began telling him about Bruce and how I wanted Rick and Bruce to fuck the shit out of me. This excited Rick and he exploded in me like he rarely did, unless he was super hyped. I couldn't stop thinking about it and a few days later I approached Lucy and asked when her brother in-law was coming back again. She said she wasn't sure, that he always just called a day or two in advance to see if we had plans for the weekend. I then confided in her that me and Rick have had a few threesomes, that I found Bruce very attractive, and that Rick had given me the OK to invite Bruce over for a MFM threesome. I told her there was no gay stuff, and that it was all about pleasing me. Although Lucy was surprised, she told me she would call Bruce, tell him of my proposition, and see if he was interested. The next day, Lucy told me that she had spoken to Bruce the night before. He was interested, and would come down the following Saturday evening, about 8 days away. More than a week I had thinking about all the things they would do to me. Rick would fuel the passion at night, fucking me and telling me they were going to nail me good. Rick had never met Bruce, but knowing I wanted it was good enough for him. When Saturday finally arrived, I spent most of the day trying different make-up, hairstyles, deciding what to wear, taking several showers, etc... My mind was racing with anticipation and naughty thoughts. I swear my nipples stayed hard all day and I was so moist that I was worried about having to use lubrication and put some warming KY by the bed just in case. I opted to wear a red lace cami night dress that was low in the front, exposing my breasts, and hung low to my knees, that opened in the front, eliminating a need for panties. it looked quite elegant, yet was inexpensive, comfortable, and allowed for easy access. Bruce was supposed to arrive about 6:30. Me and Rick sat on the couch. He drank a few beers and I had a couple glasses of wine while we went over what was allowed, what's not allowed, and code words to stop. As 6:30 approached, I could feel the anticipation and excitement growing. I wasn't nervous, but Rick was a little. I asked him why and he said because he hadn't met Bruce yet. I told him he was a cool dude, to relax, and everything would be fine. If he didn't get the same vibe we could back out any time. That calmed him down. 6:30 came and went. It had gotten dark outside and we began to think that Bruce had chickened out. About 8:15 his truck pulled up, outside our house, not Lucys. a minute later, the door bell rang.
Although nearly 2 hours late, Bruce had finally made it and had rung the doorbell. Rick answered the door Bruce and him exchanged pleasantries and Bruce apologized for being late. Then Bruce gazed at me. I smiled and stood up to give him a hug and little kiss. I knew he was pleased with what he saw. He said I looked sexy, and I said I felt sexy. Rick offered Bruce a beer and we sat back down on the couch with me between the two. Small talk was minimal as the guys sipped their beer while eyeing me and each began lightly stroking my thigh. I giggled about how lucky I was and let out a little woo-hoo. My nipples were stretching at the fabric and I couldn't take it anymore. I smiled and sultry said, well, let's get this party started. I turned and gave Rick a passionate kiss and I could feel the guys hands each rubbing a breast. Rick exposed one of my breast first and Bruce followed suit with the other side. Each one was sucking a nipple and my body relaxed as each ones fingers began exploring my inner thigh and pussy. I began rubbing Bruces cock, through his pants, with one hand, and Ricks with the other. Both cocks felt about the same size, about 7 inches each, and both were solid rock hard. My heart was beating faster, my pussy was dripping and I was ready for those cocks. I pulled my hands away, and said, Let's take this to the bedroom. Both guys stood up, helped me up and guided me to the bedroom. They sat me on the bed and both began stripping off their clothes exposing those beautiful, hard cocks that I would be enjoying. I don't know why, but I was subconsciously adjusting my lingerie as I watched them strip down. When stripped they stood before me with their cocks inches from my face. Rick leaned in and gave me a deep passionate kiss, then used his hands to turn my face sideways, pull my hair back and and held my cheeks while Bruce guided his eager cock to my mouth. After that, details got sketchy. Rick had laid me down and was eating me while I was sucking Bruce. KY was massaged into my ass and pussy. They would switch places then turn me, rotate me, face fuck me, fuck me, ass fuck me, anywhere they could lick, suck or fuck they did. I came over and over as I tried my best to give them a show. They as well were giving me a show. Finally, Bruce picked me up standing, and set me on his cock. Rick entered my ass and they bounced me up and down like a rag doll as I seemed to cum with each stroke. I had never been fucked in this position, but, had seen it in videos and it always looked awkward. With an Arm around each shoulder, they did it with ease as i just had to hang there loosely. Finally, they sat me down in front of them and both cum all over my face and tits as I held my mouth wide open for them. The mix of their cum together tasted fabulous after what they had just done for me. We gathered ourselves and the boys began getting dressed I noticed my lingerie was nothing more than ripped strings. My hair was soaked with sweat, and matted down. My pussy and ass were still tingling from the great pounding I had just received. I was spent, but happy and totally satisfied. Bruce excused himself for the night. I gave him a kiss and Rick let him out the door. It was nearly midnight, they had fucked me solid over 2 hours and the guys had only cum one time each. I was amazed. When Rick came back he asked me how I had enjoyed it and I told him words couldn't express how much I did. I was in a sexual stupor and couldn't quit smiling. I thanked him and kissed his cock, then he laid me down and made LOVE to me, before cumming inside me and we then we to sleep wrapped in each others arms. We never got a chance to repeat with Bruce as Rick got orders for Germany, and we soon moved there. We enjoyed many other experiences after that, but, hands down, this was the best lay I ever received.

Jul 4
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    • See my posts in your other posting. Would like to know about you

    • I've noticed your names not here. I think because you didn't log in so I don't know which post was yours. Anyway, not really interested in meeting new people here. Just looking for a place to share 25 years of mine and my husband's adventures. I think it's kinda cool knowing people are reading my personal, sexual experiences.

    • Sounds like we are of similar age. Been married 27 years

    • Great story. Would love to learn more about you.

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