Crossdressing in Storage Unit Gets Crazy

I started crossdressing after I bought a house at auction. There were boxes of the previous owners stuff. I went through the boxes and discovered a bunch of nightgowns, bras, and panties. Something stirred in me. I locked all the doors to the house in case someone dropped by. I then undressed and tried on all the lingerie. i was little too big for most of them so I tossed most of it. I started going to the house and putting on a pair of panties under my clothes and work and go get stuff at Home Depot. It was exciting working with people while I had panties on. I soon sold the house and didn't have a place to hide my panties. I am married. I started buying sexy woman's clothes but being married had no place to put them safely. So I rented a storage unit. I put some building materials in there for cover. I started buying more and more sexy clothes - garters and hose, fake breasts, high heels, the works. I would go into the unit and pull down the door. There was a salesman (Rick) that kept his inventory in the unit next to mine, He was there almost daily. I tried to learn his schedule to avoid him. Being a salesman he was always striking up conversations. So we talk as I went into or out of my unit. He always gave me funny looks because I always pull the door down when I went in. I would always wait until he left before I started my sissy activities. Dressing up wasn't enough. I began buying small dildos and started fucking my ass. I even had a vibrating butt plug I'd were under my work clothes. A few times, Rick intercepted me and I think he could hear the muffled buzz. One time, as I was leaving and pulled up the door, Rick was standing there. I didnt hear he pull up. He looked passed me into my unit. I pulled the door down. And we had a short chat, The whole time I was hoping I hadnt left anything out in sight. I excused my self and pretended to make a phone call in my car. He soon left and I opened my unit and sure enough I had left my heels and hole and garter laying on the box I store them in. Oh shit! For the next few weeks I did a good job of avoiding Rick. I would try to see if his car was on our row and drive away if it was. During those weeks a had built wooden shelf unit that I could mount a dildo on it. I would dress up in all my slutty clothes and back into that big rubber cock. I had to turn on a radio to hide the noise of me rocking the shelves. One day, I was all dolled up in my garter, stockings, heels, bra, micro skirt and blouse and was fucking that dildo hard. I was in my own world then suddenly the door to my unit rose. I looked up and Rick was standing at the door. I froze - embarrassed. He stepped forward and pulled door down. He said, "I knew you're a sissy!" He unzipped his pants and to my surprise he had a fine looking cock. He stroked it and approached me. I was still on all fours with a dildo in my ass. I still said nothing. He put his semi hard dick against my lips. I had fantasized about sucking cock but here it is. I soften my lips and he pressed the head into my mouth. Shazam! My cock jumped. I immediately started sucking his clock like the women in the porn videos. He began fucking my mouth and I rocked back and forth against the dildo. Wow! After a while, he said I want your ass now. I couldnt believe it I sucked my first cock now Im going to get fucked in the ass. I puled myself off my dildo and turned around bent over and held onto the shelves. He wasted no time, he guided his cock into my sissy hole. He slapped my ass and fucked me harder than I expected it would feel. I shot my load soon but he kept fucking me and fucking me. He then stiffened up and I could feel his warm juice fill my sissy hole. After he had finished he pulled out and cum oozed down my legs. I fell to me knees. He zipped up and opened the door. luckily nobody else was outside my unit as I knelt in my slut clothes with my ass bare and cum running from my ass. He looked back and said see you soon. I was his sissy bitch from then on. I would go into my unit and get dressed and he would soon open my door. I would suck and fuck his cock at least 3 times a week. This continued for 5 months until he got transfered to another territory.Good Times!


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  • Once you start buying womens clothes and shoes and things it's hard to stop. I remember buying my first pair of heels. It felt so good. And they looked great on my feet once I got home and put them on. After that I wanted mini-skirts, dresses, bras, fish-net stockings, more shoes. I just couldn't stop. I love how I feel when I'm wearing them. I've always wanted to get caught while dressed but it never happened. But I have been fucked while dressed, but that's another story.

  • Wish I was that lucky salesman only I would have had you do me also. Wow Rick the Dick was quite a fuck.

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