My First DP

Me and my husband were just out of high school when we got married. He was tall and handsome, with dark hair, and I was 5'4", blonde hair, green eyes, 120 lbs, with nice C cups and curves in all the right places. We had dated throughout high school, and he was the only man I had ever had sex with, and we had it alot. To be honest, I could never get enough. We had been married about 6 years, and over the years we had fantasized about having another person join us. There was never a serious discussion. It was always dirty talk while we were making out. He would say things like he was gonna get a friend and spit roast me, and I would talk dirty back telling him I was gonna bring a certain lady home and let him rotate his cock between us. This usually got us excited but after our orgasms, it was never mentioned. It was kinda taboo. So, there I was, 24, the happy housewife living the good life. My husband had joined the Army and had worked the night shift, from 10-6. We lived on base, and after work, my husband Rick brought over a couple co-workers, Tim and Chuck, to have a beer at the house. I woke up when they came in laughing and sat down in the living room and turned on the TV. I knew they had put on a porn video, but, I never thought nothing about it. They did things like that regularly. I took a quick shower, combed my hair and put my makeup on. I knew Rick would be horny after watching porn with his buddies and would want to fuck when they left. With that in mind, I opted to ditch the bra and panties, and put back on my white little teddy that was quite sheer. His friends had seen me in it before, other mornings they had stopped by and I didn't think twice about my outfit. I came downstairs and there they were, all 3, still in uniform. Rick and Tim were on the couch, and Chuck was in the recliner. I sat on the couch, next to Rick, and laughingly said what you boys watching. Fucking Tim said. I looked at the screen and this petite white girl was getting hammered by a big black cock. That wasn't much of a turn on for me and I made some comment about why they would want to watch that. This was during VHS days and you would have a 4 hour video with various 20 minute or so segments. The gal and black guy was soon over and next up was this cute girl sitting on a couch between 2 hunks who were eagerly kissing and licking her everywhere. It soon turned into a very sensual and steamy DP, and it aroused the hell out of me. My nipples were hard, my pussy was wet, and all I wanted was for that to be me. Flustered, I glanced around the room and saw the boys all gazing at the erotic scene as well. Without thinking, I blurted out that I couldn't believe they wanted to watch that when they had a live, able, and willing woman in the room with them. I shut up quickly and glanced at Rick. He had an interesting look on his face. Not happy, not mad, just...lost in thought. Tim said girl, you ain't no porn star.
Emboldened by Rick's silence, and my own lustful thoughts I squeezed my boobs, parted my legs exposing my trimmed pussy, and smiled and said she can only handle 2. I'm ready for 3. Rick leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss and things began happening really quick then. Clothes were stripped off and there stoid 3 beautiful cocks at attention. I grabbed a cock in each hand and a cock in my mouth. Cocks were everywhere, and I was trying my best to lick, squeeze, and please all 3 of them. They treated me gentle, for the most part, kissing, sucking, and licking every inch of me. At one point, I was straddled on Tim's cock and sucking Rick when I felt the head of Chucks cock slowly pushing on my ass. I relaxed and his cock slid nicely into my ass. There I was, a cock in my mouth, a cock in my c**t, and a cock in my ass. Each one pumping a steady rhythm. It didn't take me long to cum again, but at that point I felt such ecstasy. Never had I been more proud to be a woman. My whole body was orgasming, and i couldnt believe how easy, and wonderful it was to accommodate all 3 men. We fucked and sucked off and on for several hours. I came so many times I lost track. The guys each came twice and I had cum on my face, on my tits, and dripping out my ass and pussy. I wanted more, but Tim and Chuck had to go. As the guys were standing up to get dressed, my neighbor Molly walked in from the kitchen door. Said she had heard loud noises and had come to check on me. One look at me and she knew what had transpired. I just smiled and told her things had never been better. Everyone left and Rick took me to the bedroom and fucked with a passion and desire I had never seen in him before. That was the beginning of me being his own personal porn star. We had a few more trysts with Tim and Chuck before being transferred. Years later we would meet up with Chuck again, in Germany. Molly kind of distanced herself from me after that, but I didn't care. I had found my purpose in life as Rick's personal porn star. I never cheated without him, and he never did anything bi. It was always about me pleasing and enjoying multiple cocks for everyone's mutual satisfaction, and I loved it.

Jul 4
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    • Lucky girl. I did not have my chance for 3 guys until I was 49. My husband was traveling and my son had some friends over to swim but he had to leave for work. I told the guys they could stay and swim. Shoot I knew 2 of them since kindergarten with my son and they were now 20.

      I sat in the sitting area of the master bedroom reading and when I looked out the French doors to the pool I could not believe my eyes. The “boys” were NOT boys. They were hung! I mean my hubby is just over 7 erect and these boys were almost that size flaccid. I could not help but watch them and pleasure myself.

      Well, I think they noticed as it wasn’t long before they were at the bedroom door and I got my world rocked by 3 strapping young men.

    • Lucky lady. No doubt that Molly was jealous. But trust me you should experience another woman you won’t regret it

    • Over the years I did, a few times. It was ok, but, more to fulfill Rick's fantasy. Sounds strange to some, maybe, but it's all about me and him pleasing each other. Extra person(s) are used just like a couple would introduce a sex toy. Only a real person makes it more fun and erotic.

    • Wow. That is soo sexy. How old are you guys? Would love for my hubby or I to be one of your toys.

    • Lucky lady!

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