Naughty wife

During sex My wife and Often discussed engaging in a fantasy where she would fuck me and a friend of ours at the same time. This was an extremely turn on for me and she knew it. It remained just a fantasy for many months, but one day she asked me if I thought “Bruce” would ever really fuck her. I told her that he would if she was willing. (I had already told him about this). I called him and told him that he had this one opportunity to fuck my wife, but he had to come over right now. He was on his way. Ma wife heard the conversation and started to get nervous. I told her to relax. If it happened, it happened, if not , it’s ok.

When Bruce got there, we had a few drinks and then decided to take the boat out on the lake. It was a bit awkward at first trying to figure out how to start this, but my wife came through by stating that I wanted to see her being fucked by another guy and she was doing this for me. And She picked him for the job. He was flattered. As she told him this, she placed her hand on his crotch and started rubbing his cock.

The deal was on! I moved in closer and soon she had a cock in each hand. Both very hard! She pulled down his shorts and exposed his fat hard cock and looking at me she went down on him and began to suck his dick. She went back and forth between us for quite a bit. Then she got up and went to the back of the boat, spread her legs wide and asked who wanted to go first. I suggested that our company should go first. Bruce was more than happy to oblige. I watched with my cock in my hand As he lowered himself onto my wife’s spread pussy. I had a good view of his fat cock plunging in and out of my wife’s sweet pussy. She moaned and cooed how good his dick felt. I slowly jerked my cock while I watched.

Bruce came quickly. Before my wife had. When he pulled his dick out of her she moaned for me to get over there and make her cum. My cock was rock hard and was ready to fuck her. But she told me that she wanted to lick her pussy to orgasm. She insisted really. I got on my knees with her legs spread open and I could see Bruce’s cum dripping out of her gaping cunt. I hesitated. She grabbed my head and pulled me towards her sloppy wet pussy and told me to eat her out. Which I did. Bruce’s cum was everywhere. On her legs, pussy lips, draining out of her hole. But I dove in and made her cum. When we were done, I had Bruce’s cum all over my face.

On the way back to the dock, we let Bruce drive since I was the only one that hadn’t cum yet. My wife sucked me off like a pornstar and I came hard in her mouth. She immediately got up and thanked Bruce for the good time that we had tonight. Then she kissed him with my cum in her mouth. He pretended he didn’t realize it, but I know that he did.

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    • Your wife is a right dirty sexy horny fucking slut made my cock rock hard just reading about her

    • Your wife just turned a 3some fantasy into a cuck fantasy. wow you got played she wouldn't even let you fuck her. i bet she's gonna claim she got pregnant by bruce from that one time even though she's probably been sleeping around behind your back and has now taken charge.

    • Haha! You have no clue. Dumb ass.

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