Is it gay?

I’ve been friends with Chris since middle school. We used to jack off together when he would stay over on the weekends. Nothing gay about it. Dad had an old school satellite and had the playboy channel. We would lay in my bed on either side of the bed and jack off to it. We stopped doing it in high school but kept hanging out. We have remained friends and still hang out.

So a couple years ago, we were hanging out at his place. He asked how things were with my GF. I told him things were ok but wished we had sex more. He asked how often we had sex and I told him like once every other week. He said, “Dude, that sucks.” We kept watching the game that was on. About an hour later he said, “You remember what we used to do back in the day?” I said, “We’ve done a lot of stuff.” He said, “We used to watch porn and jack off.” I said, “Oh yeah. I remember.” He said, “We could do that again if you wanted.” I said, “Isn’t that gay?” He said, “Nope. Just two good buddies jerking off that happen to be in the same room.”

For a couple weeks or so, we did it. We would slide our shorts down, he would put on porn and we’d jack off together. After we were done, we would clean up and go about what we were previously doing.” Then I started to look at him while he was doing it. He caught me looking at him. He looked at me while I was doing it. He said, “Is this gay?” I said, “Nope. When you look at porn do you just watch the lesbian parts?” He said, “Of course not.” I said, “Then it’s just like jerking off to live porn.”

Then a week later, I reached over and started jerking him off. He said, “Is this gay?” I said, “You jerk me off. I jerk you off. Just two buddies helping each other out.” Then the next time, I leaned over and started sucking his dick. He said, “Is this gay?” I said, “Me sucking your dick? Nope. Only gay if we are 69ing.” So we started 69ing. I said, “Now is this gay?” He said, “Nope. Only gay if you swallow.” We both swallowed.

Next time I went over, we didn’t even try to act like we were going to watch a game or play PlayStation. We were both only interested in sex. Actually, he grabbed the remote and started flipping channels to find a game. I said, “We should just put on porn. We know we are gonna be naked soon anyway.” He said, “Is that gay?” I said, “Is it gay to go to your best buddies house and immediately get naked and start sucking his dick?” He said, “Yeah. Is that gay?” I said, “Yep. It’s gay. You ok with that?” He said, “I’m absolutely ok with that.” We started having fun and he said, “Are we gay?” I said, “Not 100% completely gay until we have actual sex.” He said, “Do you want to be on top or do you want me to be on top?” I said, “We can switch up until we find out what we like.” He said, “Like, today you fuck me and tomorrow I fuck you?” I said, “or you fuck me today and after you cum, I fuck you also today.”

Jul 4
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    • Just a couple guys having fun. I was 13 when I started sucking my best friend's dick. It was everyday before and after school. He was always dominant behind closed doors when we were together. I was very athletic play football was captain of the football team but loved sucking dick. He always used to drain his nuts in my mouth... started dating girls at 15 to cover up my love for his cock and balls. Would go out on dates or go to the movies come home and suck his cock. He never reciprocated of course he told me he wasn't a fag and did not suck dick but he would drain his balls in my mouth everyday.

    • It isn't gay if you both say "no homo" before you do gay shit!

    • It's gay, but sounds really fun! Need a 3rd partner? Now thst would be super gay and hot!

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