My life after first marriage ended part 1

This occurred 20 years ago when I was newly divorced from my first husband over the course of several months into the time I met my current husband. I was a nurse working at a busy hospital I had the son of a patient hitting on me and I was in the process of leaving my abusive husband and had just moved to a shelter with my children. This guy who was in his early 50s was attractive but very kind. I was 22 at the time. This man Ill call him Michael. Michael had tlaked to me about his fathers health condition and I was willing to break down the medical terminology into lay terms, Michael then said he liked the way I talked to him and he offered to buy my lunch in the cafeteria when he ran into me down there. Over the lunch we were talking he asked if I was married and I explained my situation. He gave me his number and offered to help saying a women’s shelter was no place for kids. He said he had connections and would try to help me find a new place. I knew it would be 2-3 months before I could afford first and last months rent, furniture and things like that. A few days later while the kids were with my mother as I was trying to get things sorted out Michael asked me to meet him for dinner, I thoguht it was as friends. He informed me he had a duplex apartment for me and had covered the first and last months rent. Michael had his own business, over dinner he took me to the duplex apartment and he had purchased some second hand furniture for me as well. There was a sofa, a twin bed and a full sized bed. We had been out to dinner and I had a couple of drinks so I was semi-buzzed when we went to the duplex he had rented. Once there he tried to kiss me and one thing led to another I think the rush of emotions and all we ended up sleeping together in the new bed he had for me. I felt no real connection to him, the sex was ok but in the end it was just sex. I moved in then realized the cost of rent at the time made things very tough as I was also paying for a lawyer for my divorce and raising two kids alone with no help as of yet. One of my coworkers and friends was also in the same situation with two kids as well so she also moved in. Michael and I continued to see eachother maybe once or twice a week and it didn’t always lead to sex but I kind of felt obligated. Now about 2 months into living there I had another guy from work Rick hitting on me he had asked me out, he was a technician and was very good looking. By this point my ex was taking the kids every other weekend as visitation schedule had been worked out and if I needed a sitter my roommate was also willing to watch the kids if I had a date as long as I returned the favor or did the pick up and drop off to her ex. Rick and I started going out and he both were runners so we worked out together going to the gym and going on rind and we also hooked up a few times. I never said anything to Michael about also seeing Rick. Rick also had a friend Jon who would hang out at Rick’s place. Jon was attractive and had a girlfriend who he had a child with but their relationship was very rocky so Jon was a half time roommate to Rick. One night Jon joined Rick and I when we went out to a couple of bars/dance clubs. That night after returning home Rick and I were making out on the sofa and Jon turned on tv then passed out. Rick was getting handsy and started touching me and opened my shirt then trying to take it off I said not with him there and he said Jon was a hard sleeper and he wouldn’t wake up. Pretty soon I was there open shirt with my bra off and giving oral to Rick. At some point I ended up seeing movement out of the corner of my eye and Jon was rubbing himself watching. I stopped and was uneasy but Rick and Jon both urged me to continue and I thought it was somewhat sexy to be seen. I went with it, soon Jon moved over to get a closer look. After a bit I felt his hands on my bottom and rubbing me asking if it felt good and I responded it did. Long story short the touching progressed form over bottoms to opening bottoms to over panties and then to taking the panties off each time I would tell Jon no further but each time giving in to the pleasure. Rick realized that by this point I was only in my panties and Jon was now rubbing and exploring my body he then said something about how I tasted and told Jon to taste me. He pulled my thong to the side and started licking me, as soon as I felt him on me I let out a little noise and the guys both commented that it must have felt good with that noise. Im not going to lie, it did feel great and at that sexond I came a little and knew I wanted it all but I also thought I am not the kind of woman who does this. I told them the oral was fine but I wasn’t going to have sex with both of them even though I knew my body wanted it. After a couple minutes Jon removed my thong and started pleasuring me. Then Jon said it seems like she is good at that meaning me trying to concentrate of giving Rick oral. Rick then told me to go down on Jon and the guys switched positions. At this point I knew it was really happening me pleasing both guys while they pleased me at least orally. Rick started on me as I started sucking on Jon pretty soon Rick started fingering me and soon I felt him rubbing himself on me up and down my slit. As he frist touched my slit I felt a little shutter through my body I had a small orgasm. I said “hey I said no sex” Rick responded with “doesn’t it feel good me just rubbing? Im just going to rub yo a little like this.” My response was like “yes its ok but no more…” by this point in time Im triyng to keep sucking but also feeling him rub me getting turned on and then Jon pulled me up to kiss him. I am somewhat half bent over on my knees Rick behind me. As Jon pulled me up I felt my lips swallow the tip of Rick as Rick was trying to slip up and down my slit teasing and Jon pushed me back into meet Rick’s upward movement I felt Rick pushing into me. Jon and I were passionately kissing as Rick was inside of me and I don’t know if it was me or the guys but I felt my hips starting to move meeting the thrusts and side to side as Rick went deeper and deeper. I let out a little moan as we kissed. I felt another orgams come this was more of an average one. As Rick was inside of me thrusting a little Jon was kissing down my front to my breasts then down lover and even kissed my mound. The guys then moved me to my back and as I was laying back Rick said to Jon this feels so great and I laid there legs apart hanging over the edge of the sofa. Jon positioned himself between my knees and M moved up to suck my breasts and the straddled my chest and started rubbing himself on my chest. Jon then went down on me for a few seconds. He then knelt there pushing into me, he started picking up the pace, during this moment I felt another shutter go through my body this time it was a strong orgasm. I started rocking my hips and was holding my breasts together as Rick was between and I lifted my face as to let him also enter my mouth as I was very vocal. The guys made comments asking if I liked it I said yes. After the orgasm subsided I realized that Jon dodnt feel as good so I suggested the guys swap positions. I realized that Jon was wearing a rubber. I pulled it off and gave some more oral he said he didn’t want anymore kids like he had with his girlfriend. This was when it hit me I was another woman letting man cheat with me. I told them both even thoguh Rick knew it I siad I was on Birch control and wanted them to cum inside of me. By this point Rick and Jon were both near my face and I was going back and forth. This was the first tiem I could compare them. Rick was thick and average to slightly longer than average. Jon on the other hand was thin but had a lot more length guessing he was closer to 9 to ten inches long. At this point I looked at him telling him I wanted him to fuck me hard. I started talking dirty and it seemed like I was a different person it almost seemed as though I was watching from overhead. It was not me being shared but my twin my body and appearance was me but the actions and words were not me. This threesome lasted over an hour then we made a run to the store for more alcohol then came back and had another one. I thnk I had over a dozen orgasms through the night. During one of my later threesomes with Rick and Jon in the afterglow I had asked if they had ever done this with anyone else and they admitted to doing it many times but I was the first who enjoyed it and even asked for more. (Rick and Jon were early to mid 30s’)
The next day I wandered in and my roommate looked at me said looks like you had a great night. Later that evening we were talking and Jon called me, My roommate overheard as we were drinking at the duplex, she overheard I slept with Jon and asked for details. We talked about it and I ended up seeing both guys for a few weeks and at one point trying to pawn one of the guys off on my roommate. Neither guy wanted to date my roommate, yes they each had hooked up with her but neither wanted to date her. She was pretty and thinner than me she was flat chested, but very demanding of guys. The same night as the double date I tried to pawn her off on one of the guys, (I did have sex before with Jon and after the bar with Rick) leaving time for my roommate to hook up with Jon when they got home. Anyhow at the bar I met another guy Jason and Rick and Jon were both encouraging me to go to breakfast with Jason I knew I had Jon cum still inside of me and I was worried they would also try go get my roommate into a threesome. I guess I didn’t want to ruin my fun and lose both guys. While Jon was longer and more aggressive sex was great but he also was not relationship material. He was more of a boytoy. I honestly didn’t want a relationship with either one. Anyhow Jason and I exchanged numbers.

Jun 3
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