My Cuck

I have a good sex drive but my husband lost his. We decided to find someone that was friendly and had an open mind to the type of relationship we desired. We answered an ad by this divorced guy. We set up a meeting date. He was good looking and found out he was a bit endowed. He explained he divorced because his wife lost sexual interest. He told me I had a nice body shape and nice breast size. My husband told him that we was interested in threesome relationship and seeing his wife pleased. Jon, the guy we contacted told us he was open to our idea.
I exposed my breasts to him and slipped my hand in his pants to feel his bulge that showed. I smiled at my husband and guided my husband's hand on that bulge, "Nice one, right? " I said to my husband and my husband wanted me to jerk it off over his head. Jon pulled his pants off showing his wares. He had a hanging sack with large nuts.
Jon grabbed my breasts and said, "Very suck worthy and cum worthy for him to use. " My husband told me to undress and give Jon a good view of unbelievable big bush size. My husband wouldn't let me trim or shave it. He wanted me to keep it natural to be different than other women. I pointed it to Jon and showed him the big clit I had there too.
Jon took off his pants and quickly went down on me. As he played and licked my clit my husband sucked on Jon's sack. Jon's tongue went deep in me making me so wet. I told him to stand so my husband and I could suck his big vein cock and lick the precum. He said he was going to explode and I held it so Jon's cum would fly all over my husband's head.
Jon lived some distance from us so we let him sleep the weekend with us. We all walked around the apartment nude. We, especially me, wanted him to move in and become my second husband since I really love him not only for the sex but for his personality and tongue.

1 month ago

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    • I have a pretty high sex drive too. For the first 10 years of my marriage, my husband was enough to satisfy me. We would make love at least once a day and sometimes 2 or 3 times a day depending on the mood. Then my husband started having problems getting it up and keeping it up. I honestly thought about having an affair because I love him, but he wasn't satisfying me. Then one night after a very disappointing session, we were laying in bed and he straight up asked if I wanted a lover to satisfy me. After many many conversations, I know have a husband and a boyfriend. My husband still makes loves to me on occasion, but my boyfriend satisfies my needs.

    • Fuck off dude!

    • I have undergone prostate surgery and have lost the erection capacity. Moreover being diabetics I am on constant medication. My wife is still young she and I have allowed her to find her own ways to satisfy her sexual drive. She is kind enough to come back and describe in detail to me the prolonged sexual enjoyment with total strangers and their member size and its capacity to fuck and penetrate her pussy deep and her ecstasy and orgasms.

    • My wife Kate gyrates like a porn start during sex. We made a couple homemade porn vids and she is just awesome to watch. She hot, athletic, basketball all conference in college. We went with her sky club to cabin just off the slopes.
      I skied on the beginners, her on the experts with some jock.. The only 2 in the cabin capable. I give her a pass, it's good to ski with a buddy. I'm with the chubbies. At night there plenty to drink. There isn't a lot of privacy but other couples are fucking, I fuck fuck Kate in her bunk, then go to sleep in the top bunk. I wake up 3AM and Kate and Jocko are going at it like Fuck Olympics.
      I'm too embarrassed to say anything so I watch, damaged done anyway, this is fucking the hottest sex ever. 10x better than watching my roommate fuck his girlfriend, which was pretty hot. I totally pretend I slept threw it, till we're on our way home. I told her to lawyer up, I deposing him. I drop her off at her moms. Her moms calls me, WFT? I tell her. She says she is worried sick, lost 10 pounds. So she fucked up, no one is perfect, she's sorry as hell, she was drunk. (not really) -- I get sick of jerking off. I take her back.

    • Sounds like your husband is batting for the wrong team. No wonder you're looking for a real man.

    • Ewww

    • Did your husband lose his sex drive? Or just realize he was driving in the wrong lane?

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