My wife in the club wild night

I knew of some of this but not all of the details until we started getting a little wilder about 5 years later on... we had been married about 4 years, it was out first night out in 2 years after the birth of our daughter. So we decided to go out with a friend to celebrate his new job, we were at his apartment and doing a pre flight drinking before going to a nightclub / dance club. So this particular night my wife was looking pretty good with a low cut top and knee length skirt. we started drinking early and my friend got us playing drinking games and hen he drinks he gets pretty flirty. There were a few other people there too and my wife was one of 4 women present all were younger and never had kids. My wife was about 5-6 140 lbs 36dd. SO at one point during the night he was fixated on her boobs and kept tring to get ehr to flash which eventually she did just covered with her bra.
So later in the night we decided to go to the bar and the other girls were not 21 yet so they had to leave, my wife was the only one with 4 of us guys there. My friend Ill call him rick, kept up flirting with my wife and at one point he made a comment to her not to get her grannie panties in a bunch when he said something pretty crude to her. She replied she didn't wear granny panties and took offense well he replied back well then what do yo wear, bikinis or boyshorts, or thongs... she replied thongs ... He said he didnt believe it so she pulled out the waits band of her skirt to let him see down her skirt and see she was in deed wearing a thong.... just as she had it pulled out this other guy walked past and said Hey I didn't get to see so she showed him. Well after a bit we were back at the table and my friend called ehr a good girl and he was shocked she showed and she took offense to that said shes not as good and innocent as he thought... I was in the restroom at the moment. He pushed her to prove it so she told him that her bf before me talked her into threesomes with his roommate and she did them regularly for about 6 months. I got back to the table and my friend rick was sitting there in shock I said whats up? he said nothing really... then about that time the guy who asked to see her panties walked up and asked her to dance.. I knew he had seen her panties but whatever... nothing more than guys at the beach had seen... so she turned to me and asked if I was ok with it and I told ehr I trusted her and to have fun. After they left and went to the floor my friend told me what she said. I laughed because I already knew all of it. Well the nightclub was pretty large with one main dance floor and 2 others as well as 5 rooms total with one lounge area with comfy seats and a small dance floor which was typically very crowded. So after 20-30 min songs I went looking for my wife and found her at another floor still dancing with the guy and they were pretty close as it was very crowded. (she later told me while sh ewas here he asked her what she was like under her thong if shaved natural or trimmed) then he didnt believe she was shaved clean and she let him feel as he had bought her 3 shots before they moved to that floor. After I saw her the music changed tempo and everyone kind of left that flor and she spotted me grabbing another drink and she came over said he had asked her to sit and chat with them for a bit. I thought no big deal. she then said you trust me dont you? then said they were in the same line of work and were talking work things so I agreed. she went off with him and his friends and I returned to our group for a bit then went looking for her she was sitting on his lap and they were in a overstuffed chair but it was across the room and was pretty packed so I couldnt quite get over but I thought Id check on her in a bit. so then when I went back I couldnt find her and looked all over then after a bit I found her walking in from the bathroom area which was also next to the entrance. she rejoined out group for the rest of the night. She was pretty tipsy and said he bought her several drinks and she said he was a nice guy celebrating a promotion too and picked up hers and my tab.
We walked out of the bar and she said she wanted more wine coolers and I had to run across the road to the liquor store while her and my friend walked back to his apartment. it was a short walk through the woods. I went across and btw earlier in the night my friend said he had never had a good bj in his life and I mentioned my wife gave good ones and he asked her once for one. I told him it was inappropriate and he stopped. After picking up the wine coolers we went back to my friends place and his roommate was there with some of the others but my wife and rick were nowhere to be found for like 15 - 20 minutes then we went looking. I walked the path back to the bar nothing made it back to his place again and started getting worried and here they wander out of the woods. Their story was she had to pee and was nervous and he was look out so she could and it took a bit because she was scared to get walked up on.
So now here is the confession she made several years later, the guy who asked her to dance had asked about her shave and she let him feel and he started rubbing her as they danced and they ended up kissing some as they danced which I didn't see. she stopped it telling him she was married that was when he invited her to the other room. they went to the other room and she sat on his lap and he had reached up her skirt and started rubbing her and she was swaying to the music and his hands pulled her thong to the side and he was fingering her. she said as she was swaying he moved some under her and she felt him add another finger and it felt pretty good, she said after a few minutes of that she realized both of his hands were under her bra and feeling her breasts, and he was still in her. she said again she was married and shouldn't do this and what if they got caught, so he suggested they go out to his car where she said they made out she sucked him some then he had sex with her, she said he wore a condom and she didn't come because of it so she was pretty worked up. After more talking she admitted she started bare but then got spooked because she was not on bc yet. so then after more talking she admitted that Rick kept pushing her for a bj and to stop him she let him talk her into it and she also gave into him wanting to suck on her breasts and make out for a minute she said she had already cheated once so why not a second that night. She said as she was sucking and he was feeling her up she was getting more turned on and he had her bend over and had just started to push into her when they saw us looking and they were afraid to get caught so she promised him another time and covered herself up and stroked him the rest and sucked down the end results. About 6 months later we were drinking with him and playing drinking games which let to out first 3some together. That was when she gave herself to him fully.

30 days

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