He still doesnt know

Before I met my husband, I was a recent divorcee. I was fit a runner’s figure with a rather large 36d chest. After my divorce I went out to make up for lost time as I had married at 18 and pretty much only dated my first husband throughout high school and he was pretty controlling although I do admit I did cheat a few times. So, from that point I started seeing a guy I met through work, I was a nurse, and the guy was the son of one of my patients and he asked me out. He knew my situation and I was temporarily staying both at a shelter and at a friend’s house depending on the need for childcare. My first husband was a bit psycho. Anyhow, I was seeing him, and he arranged for a nice apartment for me, and the rent was affordable through a friend of his, he was older and was not that great in bed and wasnt the kind I was interested in anything serious with. I also had a coworker who I started also seeing on occasion and he introduced me to his friend, both guys were dating other women pretty seriously and had kids with them, but they were attracted to me, and I was to them. I had a bit of a wild streak sleepign with those three on a fairly regular basis. One night I was out with the two friends and had my roommate along becasue she liked one as well and I had hoped she would take some of the pressure off of me with those two. (Yes, both guys knew I was having sex with the other and on occasion they were with me together). That night while on the dance floor my friend Sheila and I were dancing on the floor with the two guys and this taller blonde guy was walking past, I was pretty drunk so I blirted out "Hey you're cute." He blushed and we roped him to dance with the 4 of us. As the night wore on my friends with benefits were encouraging me to hook up with him and they took a bet on me getting him to sleep with me or my friend, we were both talking to him. I decided not to invite him to my place that night because I was still leaking from my earlier interludes with both guys. Well, I started seeing this guy and it took about 3 weeks for us to hook up. He was pretty good in bed, but he was stable and didnt have another woman for me to compete with, so we settled into dating. Over time he figured out that I had been sleeping with the other guys, but we talked through it and sorted it out. I stopped seeing the friends with benefits about 3 months after he and I started seeing each other or 2 months into sleeping with him. About 7 months into our dating, he proposed to me, and he was great and stable good with my kids, so I went for it. I did end up hooking up with the two friends shortly before the wedding once just as a farewell fun night when my fiancé was out of state for work. Now after the wedding, things were pretty normal. We moved a couple of times so I didnt have any close friends for about 3 years into our marriage. When we moved back to our hometown area, I had a few more friends close. Then one night we went out to party with his friends leaving the kids with a sitter. We partied at one friend’s place (Rick) and then went to a bar and after the bar an after party at Ricks. It was a mile long walk down a bicycle path and his friend Rick had been hitting on me all night the drunker he got the bolder he got. Until at one point on the dance floor at the bar he started asking me about my body, underwear and grooming habits. When he heard I was a mom who also shaved bare he told me to prove it (I was very drunk) so I let him feel. I looked over to the table where my husband was sitting, and he was walking to the restroom, so I kissed his friend as he was rubbing me. I knew I was bad at that point. Well on the walk back to his place my husband was walking ahead with his other friends and his friend Rick, and I followed behind. At some point on the walk about halfway I gave in to Ricks comments asking for a blowie we walked off in the woods and I said we would have to make it quick. I got down on my knees and started doing my thing and before I knew it, he had his hand down my top. After about 5 minutes he didnt finish but I stopped, and he pulled me to my feet saying he wanted to feel me. His hand went up my top and we kissed then he pushed my bottoms down. I was curious how he felt so I moved my legs apart let him rub on me then slip in. It was awkward so we repositioned on a grassy patch and let him push in a few times then realized the others would be looking soon. I was nervous and it felt good and naughty knowing he was bare in me. He wasnt better or worse than husband but different which added to it. He went pretty hard for a minute and I was pretty turned on. We then heard voices of others looking for us. We stopped and rejoined the party everyone had been waiting for a bit for us to arrive then goodness there was a soda machine at his apartment complex, so we covered it up by buying some and saying we ran across to the party store to get something to drink. I kept it covered for the rest of the party. My husband was on call for work and ended up having to leave for about an hour when he left there were a lot of people there, when he returned there were only us two and he had to wait to get buzzed up for a bit because we had to get dressed and I had to clean up. Yes he came inside of me and he also ate me out. Rick said he had been playing video games and didnt hear and I acted like I was asleep. About 2 weeks later I had been avoiding Rick and he showed up at our house when my Husb was out of town for work 4 hours away. Rick and I talked about how it was a one-time thing and I blamed it on the alcohol as did he. He did say he had never had such a good blowie and wished I could have finished it, he promised to never say anything if I did that, so I did which led to another quickie but with the promise never again. This time he and I had sex several times over a few hours. He also got to shower with me. A few weeks later I set him up with one of my coworkers who was younger than me and I think much prettier. They have been married now 12 years.

Jul 25
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    • After my wife ran off with 2 younger guys - I found out that she'd fucked a neighbor's brother while I was at work.
      Not that big a deal - except that for 6 years the whole apt building knew....and also knew that I was clueless!
      The way the teenaged girls would laugh at me when I walked by......old clueless!

    • I hope your husband got fed his cum. My wife thinks I never knew of her affair, but she'd either taste like a condom or very wet and creamy sometimes after a night out. I k new, I just enjoyed rhe creampies. I think she enjoyed feeding me them thinking I didn't know. Sadly after we moved the ceeampies stopped. I've asked her to have an affair or just have sex with another man, but she won't even entertain my requests. I miss those days, as there's nothing better than a fresh creampie. Now I just get to eat the ones i make in her!

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