First cuck experience

I met a cuck couple on reddit that was looking for a man. I went to their apartment and I could feel the tension between them. Like they were on the fence about the whole situation. They were young and sort of nerdy but a cute couple. They ended up going to their bedroom tp "discuss things" then he came out and motioned for me to come into the bedroom and there she was laying on the bed naked. He sat down on a recliner next to the bed. It was almost silent so I suggested turning the TV on. I got into bed with her and started kissing her and feeling her up, he's just literally sitting there watching. Finally she says "baby atleast get naked haha". So he did. He's sitting there jerking his limp dick while I start fucking her, she's actually amazing, she was real petite and pale but had massive meaty pussy lips. I fucked her pretty good, pulled out and came all over their sheets haha. He never even got hard. I ended up leaving and she eventually texted me saying that I caused huge problems for them and Yada Yada, I said wtf YOU invited me over.. so the whole thing was odd but I enjoyed the experience lmao.

Jun 1
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    • That's why I always involve the husband when it's a pussy ass couple and the husband or boyfriend is nervous or just doing this for his bitch or because he has a perverted fantasy he thinks he wants. in the moment they almost always get a mouthful of dick too and don't fight it. Then when I'm done and he tries to get tough then I remind him that he sucked my cock too and he and his woman are my bitch so chill the fuck and daddy will dick you both down again next time

    • My husband is a cuckold for me and when I let him watch he has to sit in the corner of the bedroom and not say anything. He can play with his little dick as I enjoy a real man and I always look at him when I am sucking a big cock. And when someone is on top of me and inside of me I am very vocal about how I feel. Afterwards when the other man leaves I let my husband get between my legs and lick me clean and he tries to fuck me and I tell him to hurry up because I can't hardly feel his little dick inside of me. He does his thing and cums and thanks me for a great night.

    • That's the way humiliate the little prick as much as you can, next time send him out of the room to wash your lovers car, how good would that be

    • I’m sure she enjoyed it as well.

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