Encouraging my Wife

I have told my wife many times how much it turns me on when she flirts with other men, and have told her I would love for her to fuck someone other than me. BUT she always says the same thing "Your all the man I need honey" Should I just give up ? Any suggestions?

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  • I want my wife to get herself a bf on the side but she hasn't yet. I keep at her and let her know how much I want it and how ok it really is. Her job grants her the opportunity to flirt which she admits she does as most ppl do but I'm hoping that one guy she really wants comes into her work someday and she will finally do more than flirt. When we first started dating she had a bf. The broke up and she later admitted to having sex with him for the first month we were together. I told her I didn't care that I loved her so she knows I really don't care. Anyway good luck to us all friend.

  • Tell her that it's not about need. Also, tell her it's something you truly want. Tell her why you want her to fuck other men.

  • Of course she's going to say that. I said the same, when my husband suggested that he wanted to see me with someone else. I initially said no, because I thought he was testing my loyalty or something. I thought it was a trap.

    Just make it clear that you want her to fuck someone else, and she'll probably do it, if she has good chemistry with the guy. As long as she truly knows that this is what you want she'll be likely to try it. You need to talk about it with her on a deeper level though.

  • That "deeper level" you mentioned, can you go into some more detail? I have tried to explain how much it turns me on and that I honestly have no interest in other women, I do think she finally understands that part of it. I fact just a couple of days ago she received a call from a guy regarding business but when she hung up she said "Well there you go honey he is doing some flirting". She was not at all angry or put out and seemed pleased, I asked her if he was worty of flirting back and she said oh yes, he is quite good looking.

  • What I mean by "deeper level" is make it 100% explicit that YOUR quality of life would be enhanced if she fucked someone else, and that you will never, ever judge her in a negative way if she did so. Tell her it would be quite the opposite.

  • Thank you dear lady, thank you

  • Tell her you guys can make it a foursome.

  • She's game. Don't give her the choice, just get some friends together and take her. That's how my man did it.

  • The past few months she has thought a lot about, flirtying..

  • Tell her you want to lick that pussy clean with your friends or a stranger load dripping from her hole.

  • Oh hell yes, but not sure she would go for it LOL

  • Sounds like she has firm limits. My wife flirts verbally with my friends. She has no problem telling sex jokes, talking about naughty things with them, and being "one of the guys." I enjoy hearing her. But she would never screw any of them. She hardly screws me these days.

  • I agree, it is wishful thinking, as much as we want it to happen

  • You might as well give it up. I get the same response from my wife, and I've been trying for years. Not everyone is lucky enough to be married to a slut hotwife.

  • Right there with you. Not a budge what so ever with mine either.

  • I got the same response from my wife initially. It actually took years of asking. My advice is keep chipping away at her. A coworker and friend of ours would always flirt with her. He shared with me some naked pics of his wife. I told my wife and asked her if she would mind if I showed him some of hers. She agreed. I took them to work and showed him in the privacy of my office. I actually found myself getting hard watching him look at my naked wife in the pics. He loved them and said he would love to do a threesome with us. That evening I told my wife and she just laughed. After this we started webcamming with him in the evenings. I would always have her wear something sexy. It was kind of foreplay for us. Each session we would push the limits a little further. Before long she was showing him her tits and sucking me off on cam while he watched. This continued until we were actually fucking on cam while he watched. Him watching and his comments were a turn on for both of us. Long story short she finally agreed to the threesome and we have now had many amazing nights together. I love watching her take us both. We have since been with other couples which was incredible too but we have only had a threesome with him. So my advice is to take it slow...baby steps. Before you know it your fantasy may just come true!

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