The Asian Massage

I visited an Asian massage parlor recently and it was pretty damn awesome. A little nerve racking at first, but very well worth it. The second time was just as good. Looking to line up a third next week. Anyway here my first time story.
I had been reading up on massage parlors through a review website and wanted to try it myself. I'm married, but things have dried up at home and I needed a release really bad.
It was a late Saturday afternoon when I booked an appointment. I called the AMP that had the best reviews and got a soft spoken Asian lady on the phone. She let me know who was working. And the rates. So I gave her my nickname and she gave me the name of the "masseuse" that I'd be meeting.
I quickly got ready at home, showered shaved and got to smelling good. I jumped in my ride and cruised over to the establishment. I pulled into the strip mall parking lot and parked a little ways away so not to look like a patron of the place. I don't know why. I just didn't want anyone knowing what I was about to do, haha.
Anyway, I enter the business and was pleasantly surprised at the entrance. It was comfortable with soft house music playing in the lobby. Anyway I rang the little bell on the counter in the wall and a cute lady appeared behind the glass and greeted me with a smile and asked how long. I said an hour and she said ok and pressed a button that unlocked the door to the hallway. She opened the door, gently grabbed my hand and lead me to the back.
I walked into a slightly dim hallway with reddish purple lighting and a smell of lovely fragrance. The place was clean and tidy and very comforting.
She guides me into the first room and I enter to see a wider than average massage table with clean linens and towels in the middle of the table. She then turns to me and ask, "Sucky sucky? Or boom boom?". Taken a back by how normal it seemed to her I smiled and said "Boom boom".
She smiles and gives me the price. I quickly pull out my wallet and pay the lady and she smiles, gives a quick little Asian nod/bow and motions for me to remove my clothing. She then leaves the room as I undress. I get down to my boxers and approach the table when in walks the cutest, petite 5 foot Asian woman with the cutest smile and softest voice. She then says "off" and points to my boxers and I nervously oblige. And she walks up and says "it's ok. it's ok". Reassuring me that it was alright. So I pull my trunks down and she drops her robe revealing her full nude body. I'm in awe of her very petite frame and her very nice perky B cups. She then grabs my waist and gently moves me to the table to lie down.
Face first, I lie on the table and she then starts some small talk. How's the weekend. Did I drive far. If I'm stressed, that sort of thing. Sh asks in the cutest broken English ever I swear, haha. All while rubbing my back muscles, shoulders and the back of my legs. After a few mins of this, she switches to a soft rubbing of her fingers which feels so nice. She then comments on how soft my skin is and then moves one of my hands to the back of her thighs. Then she asks "you like?", "Feels good?" Which I reply with "very nice and soft". From there, I start feeling up her ass and she spreads her legs apart and puts her crotch right where my hand is and says "better?". I'm like "much better", haha.
Anyway after a few minutes of me feeling up her now wet pussy and rubbing her butthole, she crawls on top and I could feel her wetness on my back. She then pushes her body against my back and I feel her soft tits against me. After another couple of minutes she stands up in the table and says turn over. So I do and I'm at full attention at this point. She then squats down between my legs and stars gently running her fingers around my crotch. Teasing at the boys until she finally grabs ahold and starts gently massaging them and the shaft. Oh God I'm loving this. She then peels the foreskin back and starts licking the head. Slowly at first then takes me into her mouth giving me one of the best blowies ever. Using her swirling lips and swirling tongue she gets me super hard. I then ask, "can I taste your pussy" and she spins around and puts her crotch to my face and I slowly start licking her lips and she starts slightly moaning. This goes on for a while and I'm hugging her waist pulling her into my mouth over and over as she's sucking me off. Fucking amazing.
I then feel her sit up and start gyrating on top of me and she say's "more, more" and I feel her slightly smother me as she cums on my face letting out the cutest whimpers and moans. I taste the juices coming out of her hole as she lays there for a few seconds. Then she reaches over to the little shelf at the front of the table and grabs a jimmy. She then sits between my legs and puts the jimmy on the tip of my super hard member. I remember being in awe of how hard she got me. I'm staring down at this tiny cute Asian lady as she uses her mouth to get the condom on. Then she turns around and straddles me reverse cowgirl. She slowly grabs my member and guides it in. She's nice, warm and a little tight. Slow at first then she starts fucking me at a good pace. I'm enjoying my view of her ass as I watch my cock go disappear into her over and over again. She gets going a little faster and I can feel myself getting super hard. Then she stops, gets up and stands above me and says "want to fuck me more?". She teases me as she stands there. I start feeling up her legs and she squats down and hovers her pussy right above my cock. She stays there and starts to kiss me with tongue. She licks my tongue and then grabs my cock with her hand and guides me into her. Damn this woman has some major skills.
She then says "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me." in a very soft sultry voice. She then gets going and I feel the juices from her pussy flowing down the boys and down to my ass crack. She's grinding her pussy into my cock and whimpering. I then grab her ass and start pumping up into her. She then sits up and gives me the cutest thumbs up, LOL. I'm just watching her grinding against me as I push up into her yummy wet pussy. For a few minutes we fuck like this until I feel myself getting close. But before I pop, I stop her and she says "You ok? You ok?". And I say yes I'm ok.
I then motion for her to lie down as I roll off the table. She lies on her back and I move her to the edge of table and spread her legs apart I stare at her beautiful body, her perky tits and her waiting wet hole. Then I slide my cock into her and she continues with the soft fuck me's.
I start to pickup speed and really start giving it to her. The table is lower than your usual table so I'm at the perfect height for some serious fucking. I start pounding her pretty hard and the slaps of her thighs and ass fill the room. I'm pounding away and she starts moaning a little louder. I push hard into her and I put one leg on the table and she motions for me to crawl up. She slides up on the table and let's me lie down between her legs. I start giving it to her again and im feeling very close. I look at the wall and can see myself in the long wide mirror on the wall pounding away. I watch myself for a bit as I fuck this petite woman. She then says "Cum. Cumming now". And she pushes back at me and starts to moan "No stop. No stop".
Holy fuck I lie down and starts nibbling her nipples as she whimpers as she's cumming. I then sit up and really pound away non stop til Im close. Sometimes it takes me a while to finish, so I keep going thinking about finishing but it's just not going over the top. I start to get tired and I stop a little winded. I'm like "I can't finish". So she says, "condom too much?". And I say "I think so". Then she says "sucky" and I lean back and say ok. She quickly turns around and kneels down in front of me and starts sucking me off hard. I'm watching her go down on me with her ass up in the air and her legs apart. This view does it for me. It's like a porn movie cover and I lose it. I tell her "I'm cumming" and she keeps going but faster and I unload in her mouth. She keeps going until I'm drained. She then gets off the table and grabs a towel to wipe off her mouth and me. I'm amazed at her skill and lie down spent while catching my breathe, haha.
I swear this may sound like BS, but that's how it went down my first time. The second time was just as good except I got a table shower which is a must everytime now. It feels fucking fantastic being scrubbed down, felt up and sucked on by these cute petite women.
Im booking again next week with this little number I saw during my last visit who has a bigger rack than the first two ladies I was with. I can't wait!
Find a good place guys and give it a try. You won't regret it, haha.

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    • To cut my experience short - it was in a Bangkok massage parlor and I was on my boxer all through the time. Before she was about to finish her job, she asked my whether I wanted a 'happy ending' (I heard about it from my friends but never experienced it). I nodded in affirmative and she asked for an additional $20. I paid her and she turned my on my back and took off my boxer and took my rigid cock by her hand. She have me a good hand-job using some oil. In five minutes I came shuddering whole body. She wiped my cock clean. I asked her what else she would do. She was quit open by now and told me that I could have a 3-hour sex with her for $100. Worth the money for her 28 yo tight pussy!

    • My ex, now my fwb, told me how she used to cheat on dumb me. Some of the cheats was for charity. She'd get a massage every Friday after work from Maria at a legit spa. Maria was a lady in her 50's, My Pam was 25 and hot and be topless and g string for her rub. Bob was before Pam, and was a good tipper but wanted happy endings. Maria was afraid she lose him but more afraid of being arrested. Pam told her she'd give the handjob for free and legal. Giving a guy blowjob is legal, as long the giver is not being paid. So every Fri Pam came in early gave Bob a g-string only handjob. She said don't tell me if he tips you more, don't want to know. She said Bob has a big dick and she looked forward to it. She'd tease the fuck out of him, saying she's suck him off if he didn't come soon, and just when ready to go down, she'd make him cum with her hand. She was always ready to fuck on Fri night.

    • Some sick ass people in this world who should be reported

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    • Lucky dog you!

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