Prostitute on Harry Hines Blvd Dallas again

Well, I did it again.. on my way home Friday I had sex with another prostitute. Picked her up was sketched out at first but she gave me directions back to her hotel room. It was pretty ghetto but I tried not to focus on that. She was slim, chocolate skin, quite a few tattoos, sorta ghetto but soft spoken, kept calling me babe. We got to the room I gave her the money and she laid back on the bed and pulled her shorts off and said "get me goin". I was confused so I said huh? She said "eat this pussy". I almost laughed at how forward she was, wasn't used to that. I went down on her, her pussy smelled a little sweaty but not repulsive, I actually enjoyed it, haven't eaten pussy in a long time. Her pussy was small, not much lip, just a little slit but I got my tongue up in there and she got really wet. I got on top of her in missionary and started fucking her, not even 5 minutes in I had to pull out because I was about to cum. I had to sit back and wait a minute. She said you better not bust in me. I said nah I won't. She rolls over and I start doing her in doggy, again maybe 2 or 3 minutes I had to pull out I couldn't stop it, I came all over the blanket. I apologized she said it's all good, I felt awkward and left. Over all it was a much better experience than last time. I will definitely be doing it again. When I had picked this girl up I saw another girl (white girl) right down the road, wearing shorts and tank top, tattoos on her legs and even on her face, she looked like trouble but man I want to try her out. I need to start using condoms, no telling how many guys these girls sleep with. Yuck.

22 days


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    • I will not wear condoms and I search out the young black gals desperate for some money in my neighborhood.
      They’re not hard to find.
      I fuck them raw and blast my cum as deep as I can in their sweet chocolate pussy. I really love the teenage ones that are very young and got pregnant at 12 or 13 and their hips have widened and have a jiggly bubble butt and haven’t started waxing or shaving their pussy yet. I fuck them with vigor and tell them I want to knock them up again and just moan when they fill me flood their ovaries with my sperm.
      Two of them walking around the neighborhood now with bulging bellies. Always wonder if I successfully bred them..

    • It’s just a pay raise to the families of these girls from our lustrous government.

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