Enjoying My Sisters

I have two sisters..... Both are elder ones
Kavya😍 and Sandhya😍
During small ages while playing chess I saw Kavya's cleav*** .On that day I got my first impression
After many years ... Kavya @age 22 and me at age 14 were sleeping in same bed with Sandhya@ age21 aside separately......
I accidentally felt Kavya's a** which made me hard.... I couldn't control myself. I pulled off the bedsheet over her and held her navel tightly, but she didn't react. Then I touched her pu*** over her pants and rubbed it but I got no pleasure in that so, then I again held her navel and fearfully reached my favourite part the bo**s😋.I put my hand over it with her night dress.She suddenly got up and pulled her bedsheet and slept but before that I sent my hand inside the bedsheet. I waited for some time and then started holding her bo**s alternatively and I felt her nip**** and rubbed it. I got more courage and then sent my hand inside her tops from top and felt her bra. I took my hand out and sent it through back and removed her bra. I was lucky as she didn't react. When I pulled her bra out she felt something so she again got up and did some movements but realised nothing. When she slept. I again sent my hands to pull her bo**s out of the tops. When I did it she rotated herself and put her face towards me. I saw her bo**s for a long time and took few pics from her phone and sent to me and deleted .
Then I put my face over her bo** s and felt it deeply. That was heavenly feel. I licked and sucked it without disrupting . Then it was morning . So I put her boobs inside her tops and then just placed her bra without hooking it. That moment was so good holding her boobs and wearing the bra for her. That session ended well without any suspects.

And I felt her bo**s routinely whenever she pulls my hand for calling me where my hands do over her bo**s and playing with her and grabbing phone from her when she uses it in b**b level which made me feel awesome.

Sandhya@ age 23 and me at age 16 once slept in the floor when I was sleeping in the bed. I was waiting for her to sleep by using phone.
Once she slept I came down and held her waist . I love her bo**s than Kavya because it's bigger than her's. I pressed her b**bs directly an it was second experience so boldly. I kept my face over her boobs and slept but she woke up and went to bed and I slept down. She didn't realise anything but she thought that I was not doing anything.
Days passed by small touching .....

Kavya got married. She fu**ed with her husband daily and he squeezed her b**bs and now it became twice the size and bigger than Sandhya.
Whenever she walks her b**bs bounce up and down. This summer we went to Grandma's home where she wore only nighty without bra and panty which I got to know while she's sleeping. I wanted to sleep with her with her bigger b**bs but she was alert nowadays so for even a small foot step noise she woke up. I was raged to sleep with her.
Thank God she had some sleeping problems so started using sleeping pills daily.when I got to know this I went down the bed to sleep with her daily.

One day I couldn't control myself so I pulled off her nighty and saw her pu**y and at that time I got to know that she doesn't wear bra and panty due to summer.
I took many pictures of her and me with many poses like sucking her pu**y, fingering and many.
Then I removed her dress completely and took full pics and sucked her hugggggeeeee b**bs. It was like the biggest one I've seen ever. And dressed her like my dress up doll. That is the heavenly feel.
She didn't realise anything in the morning.
I sent those pics to my friends and asked what to do. They said to fuck her but she was married but finally I decided to do.

Next day I pulled her nighty and sent my di** inside and took a video. Before I c*mmed I took my d**k outside and leaked over her face. She licked it . I then ended it by snapping few pictures . I didn't clean it over her face. She was washing her face and p**sy which I saw from top of the bathroom. She said my grandmother that it was paining but I wasn't caught.

Now I don't get any feel while seeing her as my desire is fulfilled. So if you get a chance do it . Don't hesitate

But still I am planning for Sandhya. She always wears tight t shirts and show her b**bs bounce. I touched them many times but not seen them.
Next #missionsandhya

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