Cuckold stud

Yes I advertise as a stud for cucks and it has worked for years I have has sex with hundreds of married women as their cuck husbands watch and film.

There is a lot in life that forms a person and I am no different. I was born in a ghost town in Nevada and I was one of 12 children and when I was young several family's still lived there but they all moved away except for about a dozen single guys and first off it seamed that sex was the most predominant thing that held us together.
Some of my first memories were of guys coming over and us kids told to go out and play while Mom too car of them and my sister Alice and I discovered that we could watch from the window as they fucked. Well I know that my younger brother had been molested by several of the guys but he was a kind of wimpy guy and there was only 5 of us at home when my memory kicks in but Mom would send my sisters over to some of the guys places and sometimes they wouldn't come back until the next day.
My first experience was when I was maybe 6 and my brother had returned from the service . Jim asked me if I wanted to go for a walk and we went out into the diggings as we called then and he sat on a log and told me to sit beside him then he pulled his cock out and started jacking off. I watched and he asked if I had ever done it ad I said no so he had me pull mu cock out and he said woah My cock was bigger than his.
He looked at it for a long time then he reached over and stroked it several times and asked me to suck on his cock and he promised to give me a handful of resins if I would so I did nd and he came in my mouth I gagged and spit his cum out the first time but then that happened a lot that summer and sometimes he would bring friends over and have me suck them off to .
All of the guys though were fascinated by my cock it was bigger than any of theirs and I remember the time David agreed to suck me off and it was great.
All of my sisters were pregnant when they married and it was mostly to guys much older than them.
I remember my first piece of ass though Dad and I had helped some people out of a creek they tried to drive through and our family's became friends the wife was black and Pete her husband was white.
They had three lids Linda the oldest in her late teens .Pearl was just a couple years older than me .
For several years they would stop by in the summers and Pete and Dad would get drunk . The second year Pearly was always teasing me and flirting she wouldn't leave me alone and followed me everywhere and one day she just asked me if I had ever fucked a girl.
Well I had not fucked a girl yet but I had tried but my cock was to big and I couldn't get it in her I always came trying though .
Well Pearly wanted to see it and she jacked me off one day as we hid in the manzanita brush and she finally wanted to try to get it in her so we went up on the hill side crawling back under the manzanita until we were out of site then she pulled her pants off and I did the same a Pearly said that her and her brother bill fucked all the time and after several tries she was wet enough for me to get my cock head in her but then I started Cumming and she tried to get away screaming telling me not to cum in her but it was way to late for that .
After I came she managed to get away and she was crying . I followed after I got dressed and when I came down the hill Pearly and her om and my Mom was out in front and Pearly was pointing her finger at me screaming he came in me.
Well i was an outcast for a couple days but after they talked Pearly was to young to get pregnant so I was welcomed back into the family.
I have hundreds of story's if you are interested just ask.

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