Our Barter Agreement Went A Bit More Than Expected

I'm a retired sixty-three young aged male. I lived in this mobile home park for many years. There was an empty lot there and a elderly woman moved her mobile home there in the fall. Spring was coming with lots of rain making the grass grow fast. I have a habit of mowing my lawn regularly. Maybe too often to keep me busy. When I mow I notice the new tenant was an elderly woman and we conversed now and then. She sold her home and bought a used mobile home so she could live on her social security income. She's outside regularly working in her flower-garden spot. I started noticing she was bra less and her dangling tits swung about. She made me horny and I began to masturbate thinking about that elderly woman.
Her yard was getting over grown. I heard a knock on my door it was my new neighbor bra less in what might be her round the house gown. I kept looking at her tits that gown pressed against. She tells me that she can't afford to use the money she is saving and asking me to take care of her lawn. She has an open mind and willing to barter a bit to get her yard work taken care of as she massaged and lifted her breasts. I told her I could a hand job now and then because her boobs makes me stiff. " Just a hand job and nothing else? " Just get me off. I enjoy stroking. Then she undid my pants and said she's going to give me some advance She wrapped her hand around my cock and said, " Cum for me! Cum for me sweetie! let this old gal give you pleasure. I shot on what she wore.
I began to take care of her yard and she began making me cum. She would expose her tits and slap her tits with my cock saying, "Unload on what you desire most " She began blowing me while wrapping her long saggy tits with her long nips around my dick saying, " Isn't this better than just a hand job." Come fall she began to give me head and let me cover those hanging stretched tits of her's.
Winter didn't stop her from pleasuring me. She began to get a bit kinky whipping my dick while her tits was tied in a rope bra.

19 days

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    • I read this, I vomited in my mouth then finished it. Good on ya bud! I'll be in yiur shoes one day and probably ly will o KY hope a saggy tiddied old lady will give me some head fkr mowing her grass.

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