Why would my wife randomly ask me how long is my penis.
We’ve been married for 9 years dated for 2 years and she’s never asked this question before.
I asked why, she said she just wanted to know.

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  • My girlfriend once asked me what does "beating your meat "mean?? I told her it just means jacking off. She then asked me if I "jack off" and I told her "yes". So she asked me to show her how It's done. So I took my dick out and jacked off in front of her until I came. She was so turned on, we had wild sex right after that.

  • She wants to know for a reason. She has been talking to her friends who tell her bigger is better, or she has seen some porn on line with big dicks. You are going to have to see there this takes you, I'm positive she has something in mind.

  • To tell someone

  • Just get out the tape measure and let her go for it length and thickness while flacid, length and thickness while on horn

  • Could be her girfriend(s) asked. Or could be she's comparing your dick to someone else's. Ask her. Now

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