Careful what you ask

My friend (since 10th grade) Roy is an idiot generally, but when he gets drunk he's a world-class idiot. This, combined with his scrawny little body, tends to get him into trouble.
Last summer we were at a neighbor's birthday barbecue with our wives. Both of our wives are cute, his, Joan, is a little hotter. Roy was already maybe 2 drinks along when they stopped by our house to walk with us down the street, and then he proceeded to pound Tequila shooters and beer for the next hour and a half. Joan was disgusted with him, which was not unusual. They were standing next to the folding table where all the salads, corn, etc. were, and Joan was trying to get Roy to eat something. He was loudly refusing. But drunk as he was, he noticed a really big young guy watching Joan's ass very carefully and grinning. So Roy, being Roy, yelled at the guy, "So, you want to fuck my wife, right?" Joan looked up, startled, and the big guy stiff-armed Roy onto the salad table, which collapsed, then grabbed Joan, threw her over his shoulder, and marched into the house. When Roy figured out where he was, they were already inside, and they didn't come out for 40 minutes.
I saw the look on Joan's face when she was being carried over this guy's shoulder and then when she came out of the house just long enough to grab her purse and leave. She was thrilled to be treated like that, and knowing what a wimp Roy is, it was probably the best fuck she's had in years.

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  • Sounds like me and my wife.It's amazing what a woman can do if you frustrate her or dare her. Our sex life had become shit because I didn't even try.I worked like mad and was always after the quick release option.I was also into porn so real sex I had to build up the interest in.After a 5 minute sex session,3 minutes of kissing,no foreplay,2 minutes of penetrative sex,I shot my load.I pulled our kissed my wife and said thanks.She got pissed off and asked if I couldn't be bothered to even try.I didn't want to argue so I just said you're asking the wrong guy,might as well find another.
    Anyway fast forward.We had a baby on the way.She rarely wanted sex in early stages and later never wanted any.After the baby arrived she concentrated on her.6 months down the line she says that I need to watch the baby so she can go out next Friday. I say ok but was shit scared to do on my own.The day came and she's getting ready.I start pussying out making excuses.Like what about milk.She said there's enough breast milk in the fridge for later and tomorrow. I ask tomorrow?She said because she plans to get shit faced so won't be breastfeeding the baby till her hangover is gone.I watched as she left.She looked very hot to be honest.

  • Tight black dress,she lost the baby weight but had incredible curves and her tits were humongous. The night went OK with the baby but I kept thinking of my wife out there having fun with guys looking her up and down.I texted her several times and she replied once or twice and a bit later and I could tell she was drunk.
    I eventually fell asleep.I was woken by my wife pulling my pj's off and playing with my cock.I looked up and she was totally naked and drunk and in the mood.She was hungry for my cock.Stroking it painfully fast and then just sucking it like mad.I got hard and pulled her to me and turned her on her back. When I shoved my dick in her she was so slippery and wet that I couldn't help but fuck her hard and fast from the get go.I lasted about a minute and a half.I would've been embarrassed but my wife mumbled thank you and was asleep in seconds.

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