Step daughter

Ellie is twenty two years old. She's not the worlds best looking girl, but she does have a stunning body. She also has one of the most beautiful looking pussy's I've ever seen. And I know this because since she moved back in with us after splitting up with her boyfriend, she has not stopped flashing me her breasts, pussy and ass. Also giving me non stop sexual innuendo's and generally flirting with me like crazy.
What's more is her mom watches her flirt with me (Not the flashing bit) and even encourages her with adding in sexual comments about how I'm too much to handle sometimes sexually. Then later she'll say she was only joking.
I do have a super high libido, and I will admit to constantly pestering my wife for a quickie, or a blow job. Yet I've known Ellie since she was a kid.
I am attracted to my step daughter, and I do think she'd be a wonderfully exciting girl in bed, but I'm not sure if I'm not just getting mixed messages.
Having said that, my wife only a week or so ago, asked me if I shouldn't like to 'Energize' Ellie as well as her. When I asked my wife what the hell she meant by 'Energize' she smiled at me, told me I knew what she meant and patted my cock through my shorts.
I am one confused dude, I can tell you......

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  • Sounds like the perfect situation to me. Your wife is giving you the green light to fuck Ellie, who is tempting you with her tits, pussy and ass. You'd like to fuck her, so I'd go for it.

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