Old boyfriend showed his friend a video

This occurred nearly 20 years ago, I was out with a guy (chris)I had been seeing for a short while I knew he had a serious boyfriend and we had been flirty and were hooking up on occasion. One night I went out drinking with him and his roommate, after getting home the roommate (Dave) turned on some late night sexy tv and passed out. The guy I had been seeing starked making out with me and we were playing some under a blanket but it was getting warm. He talked me into giving him oral sex I was a little nervous because his friend was in the same room and he assurred me that his roommate was out cold for the night. Well I started and shortly after I noticed his roommate Dave was watching and rubbing himself and with the encouragement of Chris we continued and I let him watch. Dave then moved closer and started touching then giving me oral which felt great. After some touching and oral from him they switched positions, Chris then picked up the video camera and started videoing, he promised to erease the video but said we would watch it together before it was ereased. At this point I was divorced from my first husband for about 3 months. So this was all new to me but all very exciting. Both men switched back and forth and it was my first threesome. I saw both guys for about 2 months playing on occasion as friends with benefits. Then I kind of started seeing the Dave who was single. We would actually go on formal dates not just drinking and hooking up after. One night I went out with Dave who knew I was still also sleeping with Chris who I had been seeing first. On this particular night the Chris was not present as his girlfriend was needing help his child, she needed him to stay the weekend. The reason Chris started hooking up with me was because his girlfried was pregnant and was not affectionate and touchy about sex. Anyhow, on this night out with Dave, we went to 3 different bars and ended up running into Daves friend Jeremy. The three of us danced and drank I was pretty drunk too drunk to drive in fact. We ended up going to Daves place to sober up and I was sitting there knowing I had planned on spending the night changed to a t-shirt and shorts. I was sitting on the sofa with the two guys on each side fo me and they had me do a shot with them so I was super drunk. Dave started rubbing my leg then my crotch some, he then started flipping through chanels my eyes were closed for a minute and I opened them back up to see myself in the threesome on TV. Jeremys hand was on my other leg. At this moment I was thinking I was just dreaming this, so trying to process it I realized that Dave was pulling my shirt up and sucking on my breast while jeremy was petting me. then Dave said it was ok that he wanted me to gfive oral to Jeremy so I ended up goign along with it, needless to say I had my first time with a guy I really had never met before during a threesome. Both men could see I was on the patch and we enjoyed the night. After a coupe rounds with both Jeremy joined me in the shower. Once Morning came I realized that I was so ashamed of what I had done. Becasue just 2 weeks before I had met a guy I really liked he never tried to have sex on our first date, and we messed areound safely on our second date the night before this fun night. I decided to break it off with Dave knowing some of the comments he made during the threesome that night. such as wanting to see me with several men at one time as well as wanting to tie me up and arrange a group of total strangers to pleasure me.

May 2

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