I cheated on my hubby when he was my boyfriend.

I was 17 years old at the time. I was seeing a guy who worked with me at the McDonald's in town. He kind of just decided I was his girl. I didn't like it but since I didn't have a guy at the time let it go. I had sex with him but really didn't want to be in a permanent relationship. Then I met Dave at school. We kissed and fooled around but no sex. Touching we did but no intercourse . Robert was a nice enough guy I just didn't want to spend the rest of my life with him. Dave and I started talking more and we really liked each other. He would talk to me about anything and everything including girls. One day I just asked him why not me. I asked if he considered sleeping with me. He said yes all the time. So we started to have sex. Only problem I was still seeing Robert. So Dave and I decided that I would break it off with Robert . I wanted to let him down gently though. This caused some issues. Robert would come over early around noon time and we usually ended up having sex . Then Dave came over after 4:00 pm and we had sex. I was caught up having sex with two guys. One I wanted to end things with and the guy I wanted to be with long term. This went on for several weeks. First Robert early in the day and later the real love of my life David. I didn't want to hurt Robert but didn't know how to just end it. Dave finally suggested that no matter what Robert was going to be hurt I should just do it and get it over with. David asked if I was still seeing Robert. I told him yes . Then he asked if I was having sex with him. I lied cause I didn't want to lose David. I was afraid he would not want to see me if he knew the truth. I finally just told Robert it was over and no more sex. I felt really bad but it had to be done. Robert never gave up even after I married David . But it was too late as I now had a child . I think David always suspected that I was having sex with Robert at the same time. Recently he asked me about it . Asked if I wouldn't feel better if I got it off my chest. I thought about it and decided yes I would. So I told him about the two week period that I was sleeping with them both. He said he knew it. Or at least he strongly suspected as much. He kissed me and said it doesn't matter . Nothing could ever make him stop loving me. I love him so much. I have no doubt that he loves me. Although sometimes telling the truth you may jeopardize everything. Anyone tell the truth and lose it all. I was lucky. Maybe time took away the sting . He says that had I told him when it was going on he would have forgiven me . My pussy was just too good to let a little thing like that get in the way of us being together.

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    • Your last statement about your pussy seems misplaced but I appreciate what you said before that. Your were spot on when you said “although sometimes telling the truth you may jeopardize everything. Anyone tell the truth and lose it all (not certain what “anyone tell the truth…” means exactly) I was lucky.” I don’t know if you were exactly lucky. I think you need to give David a great deal of credit for his understanding and maturity. If he was immature about you pussy being too good he may have just said go be with Robert.

    • I started having sex with my wife during college while she was engaged to another guy. He only fucked her on Friday nights and I fucked her several days during the week. One day my wife came over and we fucked on Friday afternoon. That night my wife's guy fucked her and he mentioned that she was looser than usual and his dick slipped right inside her. We continued fucking on Friday afternoons for several months before he realized that he was getting sloppy seconds. He broke up with her and within a month I asked her to marry me. We have been together for 48 years now and married for 46.

    • He knew all along and just needed to hear it from you. Glad it has all worked out for you x

    • Starting when Lillie was 18 I took her all over, skiing in Colorado, plays in NYC, Florida and NJ beach vacation and 100 other places. The sex was great. Her Junior year she dumps for a Med School student. BTW I'm a C student. have a good union part time job which affords me to spend thousands on her. Between fucking her, working, taking her places she wants to go -- not much time for studies. She feels bad, but she wants to be a Doctor's wife. He hardly has time for her - fucks her once a week - wham bam. I'm her side fuck. She's used to sex every day, 3x on weekends. Always lectures me that this is the last time, find a girlfriend. Couple days later, same lecture. This goes on 6 months and I do find a GF. Now she calls me, her Doc just wants a trophy, hasn't fucked her in 3 weeks. We graduate, see you at the reunion. She marries Doc, I marry Jill. 20 years later I'm Lillie's side fuck, Doc has one too she thinks. She says he has a small dick complex.

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