Good Little School Girl

This part is real life. I attended an all-girls' parochial school, and I was very, very happy there because it was a place where I could escape my horrible home life. There will always be a few stuck up, spoiled BITCHES, though, who take everything for granted. There were some in my 9th grade religion class who were terrible to our instructor. He was a first-year teacher who had actually been in training to be a priest, and he stopped because he believed he had a calling to teach. The poor guy was such a gentleman and so careful not to offend anyone. The girls would ask him ridiculously personal questions to make him blush. He was a nice-looking, soft-spoken man, and I felt so sorry for him. I even went up to him after class one day and told him they were really disrespectful and to give them extra homework! He smiled and gulped as he thanked me for my input.

Now that I'm older, I'd like to arrange to meet with him after school. I'd close the door, walk across the room in my black heels, black stockings with garter belts, and black dress. Hair down. Pearls. I'd tell him to stay seated, please, while I walk around and sit on him, straddling him, telling him he's going to have to toughen up. Don't let those little cunts have control. Take charge. Practice. Now. What do you really want me to do for you? Don't ask. Command. They need you to show who's boss, so order me. Tell me to suck your cock and how you want it. Take me by my long hair from off my knees and have me on your desk, skirt hiked up with easy access to my spread thighs. Finger me. Lick me. As you want, the way you want to. How do you want to fuck me? You're way too nice, too timid. You need a LOT of work, so I'll be back daily to check on your progress...

Then that opens up all sorts of fantasies about corrupting priests. That's a whole other area of filth.

May 2

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    • I had sex with an ex pupil of mine 2 years after she'd left school,I was a member of a gym and saw becky taking a spin class,I waited for it to finish and approached her as she came out of the room,well hi there becky I said,oh god Mr Adams she said,I didn't know you worked here I said,only started last month she said,glad to see that you found a job that you always wanted I told her,oh thanks sir she said and we said our goodbyes,I found out that she gave personal sessions and booked a few with her,she told me how the apparatus worked and gave me a demonstration,as she squatted up and down I was fixed between her legs and could see her pussy lips through her gym leggings,it was my turn and I asked her if she minded if I took my t shirt off,I could see her look at my chest and she said I can see that you work out Mr Adams,thanks I said then did what she did,that's it becky said as she pushed my feet a little further apart hitting my semi hard cock on the way back up, oops I'm sorry she said,say that to him I laughed pointing at the tent in my shorts, becky turned the other way,im really sorry sir, its fine I said,id managed to get my cock out,when she turned back to face me she didn't know where to look,there's no one here I said holding my cock,becky tried to walk away but I pinched her ass cheeks,not here she said in there,it was the room where she took her spin class,I followed behind her with my cock out then she shut the door,her ass looked amazing in her tight leggings and I told her to take them off,she had the smallest of thongs on and I fucked her leaning over one of the exercise bikes

    • Funny. My experience with the first student was also.a Becky lol

    • How old are you?

    • Hot

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