We're a couple now

This happened during the early days of our confinement, but it's the sort of thing you can't tell out in the open even if you feel the need to say it somehow, which is why I'm here: my son and I are in a relationship.

It's weird to say it, but we had an attraction before. The only way we can explain it is by the fact that I had very little to do with his upbringing: I was raped and pregnant very young, and my mother's beliefs back then pointed me towards keeping the baby. My son was born and he was mostly raised by my mom and my (much) older sister, while they put me through highschool and college together. Growing up he knew I was his mother, but I rarely saw him, I was either working, or studying, or both to make ends meet. He was already 15 by the time I could take on a more active role in his life, and shortly after my mother died. Then so did my sister, but by then he was already of college age and had moved out. He developed early into a tall, muscular man, I'm good looking myself and our age gap wasn't the biggest there is (I'm only 13 years older than him). I felt attracted to him and I believed he reciprocated, but didn't act on that intuition for obvious reasons.

With everything that's going on, we decided it was best for him to move in with me, at least for the time being, to cut expenses. He never adressed me as "mom" and we had a very casual, easy-going relationship at this point, so it was like having a roommate. So it was only a matter of time, of "accidental" arm brushes, stares slightly longer than appropriate and some alcohol for us to give in to our attraction. It only felt natural and, afterwards, there was surprisingly no feelings of guilt. We've been living like a couple this past few months and enjoying it A LOT. He's a very good lover with tons of energy (he's only 20, I'm 33), so saying I'm very fulfilled by him is actually an understatement.


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  • Good luck to you both!!

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