Curious horse girl

I've been working on a farm that breeds race horses, and after watching them breed and just witnessing the stallions massive cocks and seeing them cum tons I've wondered if anyone has ever fooled around with one? I can't stop fantasizing about it and how it would feel or taste. I would love to hear other women's
experiences with them

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    • My gf went to a summer camp that was mainly about dressage when she was a teen , for a couple years in a row. She said her and all the girls were horny enough as it was and thankfully no horse cock to distract them!

    • Did they jerk them off?

    • My wife had a horse at a horse boarding farm, many girls 12, 13, 14 have horses there, my wife said they talk about fucking horses and sometimes just touch the horses dick, she said she never fucked a horse but did fuck every man that worked there, and a few of the other girls dads.

    • Did the other girls there mess with the horses at least?

    • At the dressage camp the girls messed with each other!! She after riding, bouncing,and galloping all day their clits and pussies were so stimulated. Would head back to the cabin to clean up, most of their panties were wet with sweat and pussy juice! She said the cabin had smell of warm ,spicy young pussy and luvs baby soft deodorant!!!

    • My then girlfriend, now wife used to work at a horse stud I always knew when they had being doing any covers as they called the horsey fuck because she would come home and she would fuck me senseless

    • I wonder if she one anyone she worked with ever fooled around with the studs? I bet they did, you should ask.

    • Your right I have a horse breeding farm and I had to try one and yes it feels like he’s going to rip you in half but I loved it and now I do it a lot and my husband helps me some times with it their cum fills like your inside will blow up snd then it’s so wonderful when he pulls out and all that hot cum gushes down your legs and their cum has a sweet green taste to it I suck them also

    • Your amazing how can I get my wife to fuck a dog or horse either I've wanted to be A k9 cuck since I was a teen

    • OMG more details please! A friend of mine said it's really hard to get them off from oral. What is your secret to get them to climax?

    • Make it up

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