My mother's maid

I took naked pictures of our full time maid when she came home drunk on her day off. I saw her stumbling to her room at the back of our house at 1am, when my parents were sleeping. I remember her door was unlocked and found her laying face up on her bed with her legs hanging off the edge totally naked. She was so knocked out drunk, she never made the slightest move when I spread her legs and took pictures of her pussy with my phone. She was Mexican, tan skin and got such a hard on looking at her breasts and juice pussy, I couldn't help licking her. I jerked off twice that night thinking of how good she tasted. I still look at the pictures every day and still dying to fuck her.

May 1


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    • She probably got fucked in a bar parking lot and what you loved licking was creampie! Let her know how much you like it and she'll bring you more!

    • Send me pics.

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